Packing and unpacking Selection Boxes

Experts say that moving house can be almost as stressful as moving house.

The majority of you have probably polished off your selection boxes sometime mid-last week (leaving the Jelly Tots as a slightly crap last treat if you’re anything like me. Do they still even do Jelly Tots? Who cares, it has nothing to do with this, press on…) but for some of us a Selection Box, like a dog, is for life and not just for Christmas. Not that I have a dog. I didn’t get a choccie selection box either, but that is by the by.

My Selection Box has been a midnight feast for the past five and a half years, but as from this week any late night gorging will come to an end and will instead be taken with a post-meal coffee. In other words, and to stop talking in tortured metaphors at last, Selection Box is now set to be primetime fare as it moves to its new slot at 9pm on Wednesdays. The glamour. For those of you loathe to replace the sultry tones of BCB’s resident five tissue fantasy Laura Rawlings for that of an utter divot, Laura’s commitments with a high-fallutin’ rival broadcaster have sadly taken her time away from these shores somewhat, though her BCB Sessions show will still be a going concern once a month on a Sunday, starting on 20 January.

Here’s what I played on what turned out to be my last midnight show:

Selection Box Show 246 (Listen again here)

TX 24/12/2012

1. Tracey Thorn – Joy
from: Tinsel & Lights

2. How To Swim – A Minor Key Christmas
from: A Minor Key Christmas

3. Housewives On Prozac – I Broke My Arm Christmas Shopping At The Mall
from: I Broke My Arm Christmas Shopping At The Mall

4. The Raveonettes – The Christmas Song
from: The Christmas Song CD single

5. Kate Bush – Snowed In At Wheeler Street
from: 50 Words For Snow

6. Hasil Adkins – Santa Claus Boogie
from: Best Of The Haze

7. G Love – Christmas Blues
from: This Warm December: A Brushfire Holiday Volume 2 (various artists)

8. Ron Holden & The Thunderbirds – Who Sez There Ain’t No Santa Claus
from: Rockin’ N’ Rollin’ With Santa Claus compiled by Mark Lamarr (various artists)

9. Paul Simon – Getting Ready For Christmas Day
from: So Beautiful Or So What

10. Shonen Knife – Space Christmas
from: 7″ Single

11. Ernest Tubb & His Texas Troubadours - I’ll Be Walkin’ the Floor This Christmas
from: Country & Hillbilly Christmas (various artists)

12. Cocteau Twins – Frosty The Snowman
from: Snow EP

13. Neil Halstead – Home For The Season
from: This Warm December: A Brushfire Holiday Volume 2 (various artists)

14. Little Joey Farr – Rock & Roll Santa
from: A Very Norton Christmas (various artists)

15. Kill It Kid – Just Like Christmas
from: CD single