Buffet presents “Cover Versions – sometimes they’re not shit”

Now then! If you tuned in to Buffet – we thank you. Or if you want to listen, the link is here.

We dedicated a whole show to cover versions – often they are crap, but ours range from the bonkers to the sublime. This is what we played:

1. MINOR THREAT – Steppin’ Stone (best known by The Monkees)
2. JOHNNY CASH – The Mercy Seat (originally by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds)
3. TRICKY – Black Steel (originally by Public Enemy)
4. COME – I Got The Blues (originally by The Rolling Stones)
5. CHUCK D & HENRY ROLLINS – Rise Above (originally by Black Flag)
7. CICCONE YOUTH – Addicted to Love (originally by Robert Palmer)
8. TONY OSBORNE ORCHESTRA – Hard Days Night (originally by The Beatles)
9. NEKO CASE – Alone and Forsaken (originally by Hank Williams)
10. SNUFF – I Think We’re Alone Now (a take on the Tiffany version)
11. PAUL ANKA – Smells Like Teen Spirit (originally by Nirvana)
12. AFGHAN WHIGS – My World Is Empty Without You (originally by The Supremes)
13. THE SHOP ASSISTANTS – Train From Kansas City (originally by The Shangri Las)
14. LEATHERFACE – Talkin’ Bout a Revolution (originally by Tracy Chapman)
15. FATIMA MANSIONS – Long About Now (originally by Scott Walker)
16. FRANK SIDEBOTTOM – Indie Medley: Love Will tear Us Apart/How I Wrote Elastic Man/Take The Skinheads Bowling/Big Mouth Strikes Again (originally by: Joy Division/The Fall/Camper Van Beethoven/The Smiths)

We’re back on Sunday 13th July 7-8pm. Thanks!!!


3 thoughts on “Buffet presents “Cover Versions – sometimes they’re not shit”

  1. avatarRob

    Hello Buffet – some great covers there.

    Could I just pedantically point out that:
    I Think We’re Alone Now was originally by Tommy James and The Shondells (try their Crimson and Clover, I think you might like it – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpGEeneO-t0 )
    Steppin Stone was originally by Paul Revere and the Raiders, tho Jimi Hendrix and the Pistols also covered it.

    I’ll get me coat…


  2. avatarBloody Nora Post author

    Rob – these comments are most welcome! Had a feeling Steppin’ Stone wasn’t originally The Monkees, but didn’t know about I Think We’re Alone Now. Snuff’s version is definitely a take on Tiffany though, to deliberately elicit “What the f…?!” responses at gigs. Technically I suppose we could’ve played her version, but Boris would’ve walked out…

  3. avatarLyndon Marquis

    You’ve got that right, Spads. I think theRubinoos also did a cover in late 70s…

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