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Alt Track on The BCB Sessions – Wed 9th Feb

Greetings one and all,

What a cracker we’ve lined up for you….we’ve got Alt Track on the show! They’re our featured band of the week so that gives me an excuse to play three of their tracks. Also on the show:

Gruff Rhys – Sensations in the Dark
Joan as Police Woman – Kiss the Specifics
The Whigs – So Lonely
Alt Track (Featured Band) – Speakers
Chilly Gonzales – You Can Dance (original version)
Thomas Truax – January Egg Race Dream
Josh T. Pearson – Country Dumb
The Psychedelic Singh – Ina Mina Dhika
Alt Track (Featured Band) – No More
The Vaselines – Mouth to Mouth
Spokes – When I was a Daisy, When I was a Tree
Delorean – Real Love
Alt Track (Featured Band) – View from a Mountain

To hear more of Alt Track go to: http://www.myspace.com/alttrack and get their album ‘Silence is Approval’ – you won’t be disappointed.
Don’t forget to drop me an email if you’d like to get your music on the show or you fancy doing a session: laura.rawlings@bcbradio.co.uk
See you next Wednesday night at 9pm.


Wilful Missing on the show – Wed 2nd Feb

Hello you,

I’m organised for once (albeit for about two minutes) which means I’ve sorted the songs and typed the words…hooray! I’ve assembled my favourite songs of this week including a beautiful number plucked from the session archives and something from my christmas presents. I’m also not alone on the show because Wilful Missing (who are this week’s featured band) have very kindly lent me one of their band members to chat to…the famous Albert Freeman.

If you’d like to get a sneak preview of what’s in store with Wilful Missing then take a look and a listen to www.wilfulmissing.co.uk ….perhaps even copper up afterwards and buy their EP. I think they’d prefer you to ‘pound coin it up big stylee’ but that sounds a bit odd.

Here’s what’s playing on Wed 26th Jan:
Everything Everything – Photoshop handsome
Fujiya & Miyagi – Taiwanese boots
Ann Drury (BCB Session track from the archives) – Loving you (Ann’s a very lovely, very talented lady from Keighley…myspace.com/anndrury)
Wilful Missing interview – with Albert Freeman
Wilful Missing – Comfort in strangers (from the Loose Ends EP – I love this song. The key, the lyrics and the atmosphere….my favourite WM song).
Appliance – Ursa major
Laetitia Sadier – One million year trip
Yuck – Georgia
Wilful Missing – Night parachuting (from the Vast Atlantic EP)
Make Out – I don’t want anybody that wants me
Tapestry – Misplaced trust (recorded for The BCB Sessions)
Arab Strap – Blood (from Madator at 21 box set)
Acid Washed – Rain
Wilful Missing – Postcode lottery (from the Vast Atlantic EP. WM are playing live at the Basement Bar in York on 5th Feb so try somewhere new and head up the A64 or whatever road leads to York).

Next week we’ve got Alt Track on the show! I saw them playing at a wedding (Congratulations Lorna – she presents ‘From here’  on BCB)…and they caught my attention – even with the pull of wedding dancing to ‘Voulez Vous’ in the cellar bar of the Bradford Playhouse. Obviously I’d had a few Lambrinis.

Moving swiftly on…if you’d like to get your music on the show or you want to plug a gig – get in touch: laura.rawlings@bcbradio.co.uk