Nothing to do with Christmas

The other week’s Manchester visit to talk to Celilia Noel accompanied by hubby Colin hay resulted into a 1 and ¼ hour interview that I have now cut up into bite sized chunks. Look forward to 2 programmes with the questions (and more importantly) the answers interspersed with rare, brilliant and classic songs by Ms Noel, her band the Wild Clams and some of her heroes.

Bit of a classic Crossroads this week with many firm favourites. Two tracks by Crossroads’ favorita, the Queen of Salsoul – Cecilia Noel, including the awesome 9069 in its full glory, an autobiographical number about Ms Noel and her sister in New York, a return of Miguel the talking Iguana – new stuff, i.e. Irish band The Blizzards and Red Light Company – standout CD of the year. Two, yes two songs written by Cousin Joe from New Orleans – one by Diz and one by Dr John – the full list is:

Sunday 6th December:
Robbie Robertson – breaking the rules of the game
Stray Horts – Indigo
The Blizzards – Trust me I’m a doctor
Red Light Company – First we land
Cecilia Noel – Living on the run
Franky Tambora and Gura – Car
Cecelia Noel – 9069
L A Carpool – Miguel the Iguana
Mink deVille – Mazurka
Diz and the Doormen – Evolution
Dr John – How come my dog don’t bark
Captain Beefheart – White Jam
Little Steven – Angel eyes
John Martyn – Couldn’t love your more
Santana – Flor d’luna (Moon flower)

Classed as one of the ten most polluted places on the planet

Classed as one of the ten most polluted places on the planet