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Time to Put a Little Rock in Your Sock – 26th June 2011

This programme starts with one of the loveliest tunes in rock / blues music – live with 4 tubas – Taj Mahal’s Ain’t Gwine Whistle Dixie Any Mo – and he introduces it himself in 1971 from the Filmore east. Then a Brazilian singing about tramps – from Bahia – Daniella Mercury and three songs from my favourite Colombian – Shakira from three times in her life – one with dark hair and two as a blond. A typical Crossroads mix is next – the Cramps, some Englisha regaae 2 Mexicans, some blues from the legendary Lurrie Bell and a track with both kinds of music to finish Country and Western (swing). I hope you liked it and don’t forget the listen again / pod cast through the BCB website.

Peruvian God

Taj Mahal – Ain’t Gwine Whistle Dixie Any Mo
Daniela Mercury – Nobre vagabundo
Shakira – Donde estan los ladrones
– Underneath your clothes
– Don’t bother
The Cramps – Muleskinner blues
Kevin Coyne – Eastbourne ladies
Peter Tosh – Stepping razor
Robbie Robertson – Fear of falling
Rodrigo y Gabriela – Diablo rojo
Lurrie Bell – One day
Lyle Lovett – That’s right you’re not from Texas


Crossroads Blog 16 June 2011

After a mixed start with geniuses and blues men, we settle into an English Crossroads programme this week. Just as mixed as usual and (in my less than humble opinion) just as good.

Folkies, punkies, crazies (Otways’ completely mad Rising sun), some 60’s stars, arm wavers and a frog.  Finally – because I don’t throw these programmes together – three songs about the night – brrrr. This is what you heard and the vote is in from the Norwegian jury.


John Hiatt – Master of disaster
Rolling Stones – Loving cup
Bob Dylan – Most likely you go your way I go mine
Drive By Truckers – Ray’s automatic weapon
Otis Taylor – Maybe yeah
John Martyn – Could’ve been me
Bert Jansch – If you see my love
Richard Thompson – I misunderstood
John Otway – The House of the rising sun
Elvis Costello – (The angels wanna wear) my red shoes
Wynder K Frog – green door
Joe Cocker – The letter
The Kinks – You really got me
Bowie – Here comes the night
Wilson Pickett – In the midnight hour
King Curtis – Night train

I Went to the Crossroads Blog 12th June 2011 – Gone to the Dogs

Crossroads this week – we find ourselves starting with a rare and punky classic, then really Really Free and the great Bob Seger at his best. Then our choice is a collection of “dog” related songs, interspersed with other non dog songs. Two versions of Walking the Dog, one Bluegrass style (Soul music as God intended!) and one Chicago Blues. Two Rufus Thomas songs about dogs (I think), another punk classic by Ed Banger and the Nosebleeds, some Zydeco, and finally very early and mid-point Reggae – Prince Buster followed by a bit of John Holt

The Dolls – T V addict
John Otway – Really free
Bob Seger – Seen a lot of floors
Lil Ed & the Blues Imperials – Walking the dog
Canned Heat – On the road again
Run C&W – Walking the dog
Daniel & the Kings – Choo choo ch boogie
Marvin Gaye – I’ll be doggone
Little Feat – Spanish moon
Rufus Thomas – No more doggin’ around
Clifton Chenier – I’m the Zydeco man
Rufus Thomas – Can you monkey do the dog?
Buddy Ace – Pouring water on a drowning man
The Mar-keys – Philly dog
Joe Cocker – Delta lady
Ed Banger& the Nosebleeds – Get your woofing dog off me
David Bowie – I can’t explain
Prince Buster – Pussy cat bite me
John Holt – You will never know.

Friendly and beautiful - what more could you ask for!

Friendly and beautiful - what more could you ask for!

Crossroads Goes Normal – so that’s normal?

end of elephant

I Went to the Crossroads Blog 29th May 2011

Hi, my Sunday evening chums – a “normal” Crossroads this week with a collection of new, old and very old. A track from Robbie Robertson’s latest waxing – 5 years in the waiting, a 1948 big hit from fussy old Bull Moose Jackson, a couple of over-40’s big numbers – the magnificent Sheffield windmill, Joe Cocker’s big hit and the lovely Bell Bottom Blues from Eric Clapton. Two extra special tracks by Cherry Lee Mewis, who appears at the Keighley Blues Club on the 10th June, finishing off with the delightfully barmy, Crossroads’ favourite – Seafood Department Blues – “there’s something fishy going on”!

Joe Cocker – With a little help from my friends
Derek & the Dominos – Bell bottom blues
Cherry Lee Mewis – Western star
Drive By Truckers – Cartoon gold
Albert King -Crosscut saw
J J Cale – Nowhere to run
Bull Moose Jackson – I want a bow-legged woman
Richard Thompson – Why must I plead
Cat Stevens – Don’t be shy
Bruce Springsteen – Rendevous
Dave Alvin – Highway 61 revisited
Robbie Robertson – He don’t live here no more
Cherry Lee Mewis – Southbound train
Jeff Chaz – Seafood Department Blues

Time for the Blues – 39 years hard labour

I’m officially out of work – have I got the blues? Well, I have a blues show, but am quite chirpy really. I left Bradford Council today and (only partly as a result) the 22nd May show is all Blues, with a capital Blues. The main reason for this week’s programme is that I was contacted by Blues Boy John of Keighley Blues Club, and that made me think it was some time since I had an all Blues programme. He sent me some music by Cherry Lee Mewis (geddit) who is at the club on 10th June. I’ll play the tracks on the 29th May programme, next week. Very good they are too.

Water Melon Slim – Hard labour
Slim Harpo – Sittin’ here wondering
Taj Mahal –You’re gonna need somebody on your bond*
Elmore James – Dust my broom
Lil Ed & the Blues Imperials – You done me wrong for the last time
Captain Beefheart – Ah feel like ahcid
John Mayall – Ramblin’ on my mind
Jimmy Reed – Baby, what do you want me to do
John Lee Hooker – Dimples
Stevie Ray Vaughan – Dirty pool
Howlin’ Wolf – Riding in the moonlight
Billy Boy Arnold – Love me baby
The Black Keys – Meet me in the city

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Dizzy Comes Back To Bradford

This week’s programme is another super special Crossroads programme. I recently contacted that great piano player, Diz Watson of Diz and the Doormen fame to a) let him know that his LP BLUECOAT MAN, continues to thrill 27 years after it was made, and b) to ask if he had any new music – and guess what – he has. TONKY HONK, a CD on the Ace label.

I suggested that Diz may like to come into the studio and chat, play some of his music and play some records by people he liked. To my amazement not only did I get a reply, but it arrived on a postcard from Ilkley. Diz was visiting his sister, who lives there and he came into the studio to record the programme – joy of joys. During the interview it transpired that he lived in Bradford as a lad although he was born in South Africa. His music is a “potent gumbo of Barrelhouse, Rhythm and Blues, Rock and Roll and Boogie Woogie”, although if you ask me that doesn’t quite cover it. It’s full of energy and displays a musicianship that is outstanding. He makes it sound so easy but he claims he is still learning – it takes 50 years to be really good at the piano. he said. It is clear he loves this music and this infectious enthusiasm shines through all his stories.

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Cecilia Noel Special – Patron Saint of Salsoul Musica 13th December 2009

Lucky old me, a few weeks a go I got to meet and interview the stupendous singer Cecilia Noel. Regular listeners will know that one of the missions of the Crossroads programme is to spread the glad tidings about the divine Miss Cecilia. Her music is a wonderful mix of salsa and soul music and she has been compared to the great soul singers.

She was accompanying her husband Colin Hay, writer of (I Come From) the Land Down Under on his latest tour. We met on a cold wet afternoon in Manchester and we chatted for over an hour about her, her musica and some of the people who influenced her. Her latest album is called A GOZAR – To Enjoy – and it’s a corker. Exciting, tight, latin music done in a way only she can. If you ever get the chance to see her DVD LIVE IN HOLLYWOOD then do so, I can thoroughly recommend that experience as well. It is popular music as it should be done. A large band with brass, percussion and four back-up singers – everyone relaxed and having fun, knowing the songs and belting them out – catchy tunes done by people who know what they are doing.

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Nothing to do with Christmas

The other week’s Manchester visit to talk to Celilia Noel accompanied by hubby Colin hay resulted into a 1 and ¼ hour interview that I have now cut up into bite sized chunks. Look forward to 2 programmes with the questions (and more importantly) the answers interspersed with rare, brilliant and classic songs by Ms Noel, her band the Wild Clams and some of her heroes.

Bit of a classic Crossroads this week with many firm favourites. Two tracks by Crossroads’ favorita, the Queen of Salsoul – Cecilia Noel, including the awesome 9069 in its full glory, an autobiographical number about Ms Noel and her sister in New York, a return of Miguel the talking Iguana – new stuff, i.e. Irish band The Blizzards and Red Light Company – standout CD of the year. Two, yes two songs written by Cousin Joe from New Orleans – one by Diz and one by Dr John – the full list is:

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29th Novemebrrrrrr 2009

Good news music fans – the great Diz of Diz and the Doormen will be coming into the studio to record a Crossroads programme. He has a CD reissued called Tonky Honk. It’s full to bursting with energy, musicianship and rolling New Orleans boogie.  His first LP was called Bluecoat Man and is a stone classic and includes one of the greatest tracks of all time – What Have I Done to You? Listen out for this programme – I can’t wait. Diz, by the way comes from Dizzy. He earned this name as a Cornish sailor as he was often running into the quay and other things. I think he is lucky to be called Diz – I would have expected his skipper to use a collection of other more fruity names.

Oh lawdy Miss Clawdy some classics today. Rock n Roll stars, songs with silly names, a TV advert song in full, clasico salsa and the divine Ms Noel. Honky tonkin’ with Taj and Tonky honkin’ with Diz. Finally, old blues about being old, The Texas Tornados classic about hard love and a Brazilian.

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Hot Programme Cold November

Is this the most beautiful dog in the World?

Is this the most beautiful dog in the World?

Well, this has been a brilliant week – I went to interview the great Cecilia Noel in Manchester on Saturday evening and we spoke for over an hour about her and her music. I will be doing a whole Crossroads programme about her. This will include some of her songs and bits of the interview. I might even be brave enough to play her song, the notorious “Crazy”. It’s a good job the show is on after 9 pm. You may wish to check her out on You Tube and you should – a proper singer, a brilliant band. Albert at BCB saw a video of her live and could only mumble “crikey”. Exacto mi amigo!

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