29th Novemebrrrrrr 2009

Good news music fans – the great Diz of Diz and the Doormen will be coming into the studio to record a Crossroads programme. He has a CD reissued called Tonky Honk. It’s full to bursting with energy, musicianship and rolling New Orleans boogie.  His first LP was called Bluecoat Man and is a stone classic and includes one of the greatest tracks of all time – What Have I Done to You? Listen out for this programme – I can’t wait. Diz, by the way comes from Dizzy. He earned this name as a Cornish sailor as he was often running into the quay and other things. I think he is lucky to be called Diz – I would have expected his skipper to use a collection of other more fruity names.

Oh lawdy Miss Clawdy some classics today. Rock n Roll stars, songs with silly names, a TV advert song in full, clasico salsa and the divine Ms Noel. Honky tonkin’ with Taj and Tonky honkin’ with Diz. Finally, old blues about being old, The Texas Tornados classic about hard love and a Brazilian.

Big Bopper – Little red Riding Hood
Little Richard – Rip It Up
John Lee Hooker – Boom Boom
The Cellos – Rang Tang Ding Dong
Imelda May – Johnny Got a Boom Boom
Graham Parker – Back Door Love
Diz and the Doormen – Roll ‘Em Pete
Taj Mahal – Honky Tonk
Diz and the Doormen – Tonky Honk
Detroit Cobras – Hot Dog
Jefferson Airplane – Need Somebody To Love
The Blasters – Fire of Love
Cecelia Noel – La Culebrea/Cocinado Suave
Ray Barretto – Mirame De Fuente
Daniel Mercury – Swing Da Cor
Texas Tornados – She Never Spoke Spanish To Me
Buddy Guy – Done Got Old

Would you live here? Neither would they if they had any choice

Would you live here? Neither would they if they had any choice


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  1. avatarDavid Post author

    It’s a house overlooking the river Lurin, near Lima. Interestingly there are a load more there now. Its an old-ish picture. I didn’t meet the owners as it looks quite a dangerous climb. Have met others in similar shacks – which amusingly to me, sometimes have “For Sale” notices up. Cost about $50, average family size is 6! There are millions of people around Lima living in these – no kitchen, no bathrom no solid floor – no nothing really.

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