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Dizzy Comes Back To Bradford

This week’s programme is another super special Crossroads programme. I recently contacted that great piano player, Diz Watson of Diz and the Doormen fame to a) let him know that his LP BLUECOAT MAN, continues to thrill 27 years after it was made, and b) to ask if he had any new music – and guess what – he has. TONKY HONK, a CD on the Ace label.

I suggested that Diz may like to come into the studio and chat, play some of his music and play some records by people he liked. To my amazement not only did I get a reply, but it arrived on a postcard from Ilkley. Diz was visiting his sister, who lives there and he came into the studio to record the programme – joy of joys. During the interview it transpired that he lived in Bradford as a lad although he was born in South Africa. His music is a “potent gumbo of Barrelhouse, Rhythm and Blues, Rock and Roll and Boogie Woogie”, although if you ask me that doesn’t quite cover it. It’s full of energy and displays a musicianship that is outstanding. He makes it sound so easy but he claims he is still learning – it takes 50 years to be really good at the piano. he said. It is clear he loves this music and this infectious enthusiasm shines through all his stories.

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29th Novemebrrrrrr 2009

Good news music fans – the great Diz of Diz and the Doormen will be coming into the studio to record a Crossroads programme. He has a CD reissued called Tonky Honk. It’s full to bursting with energy, musicianship and rolling New Orleans boogie.  His first LP was called Bluecoat Man and is a stone classic and includes one of the greatest tracks of all time – What Have I Done to You? Listen out for this programme – I can’t wait. Diz, by the way comes from Dizzy. He earned this name as a Cornish sailor as he was often running into the quay and other things. I think he is lucky to be called Diz – I would have expected his skipper to use a collection of other more fruity names.

Oh lawdy Miss Clawdy some classics today. Rock n Roll stars, songs with silly names, a TV advert song in full, clasico salsa and the divine Ms Noel. Honky tonkin’ with Taj and Tonky honkin’ with Diz. Finally, old blues about being old, The Texas Tornados classic about hard love and a Brazilian.

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