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Is this the most beautiful dog in the World?

Is this the most beautiful dog in the World?

Well, this has been a brilliant week – I went to interview the great Cecilia Noel in Manchester on Saturday evening and we spoke for over an hour about her and her music. I will be doing a whole Crossroads programme about her. This will include some of her songs and bits of the interview. I might even be brave enough to play her song, the notorious “Crazy”. It’s a good job the show is on after 9 pm. You may wish to check her out on You Tube and you should – a proper singer, a brilliant band. Albert at BCB saw a video of her live and could only mumble “crikey”. Exacto mi amigo!

8th of November 2009 show – starts with a collection of firm favourites – The Nips Are Getting Bigger, which is a New Zealand love song – hmmm, two versions of songs about Highway 61 and a country song about clothes and tequila. Three new songs follow that by up and comers that passed the Crossroads “do I like this” test that gets applied to all songs sent by pluggers and promoters. A lot get rejected but others may play them. It’s a wonder that anyone gets famous any more what with all the good music being produced. Then two songs with Mexico in the title followed by some good miusica Latina and finally a train song. Full playlist:

King Curtis – Soul serenade
Joe Nichols – Tequila makes her clothes fall off
Web Wilder – Poolside
The Cramps – Like a bad girl should
Mental As Anything – The nips are getting bigger
The Blasters – Highway 61
Dave Alvin (of the Blasters) Highway 61 Revisited (revisited)
The Coasters – Down in Mexico
The Texas Tornados – Adios Mexico
The White Stripes – You’re pretty good looking for a girl
Julian Plenti – Games for days
Gabby Young and the Animals – We’re all in this together
Nell Bryden – Second time around
Zizi Possi – Meu Erro
Gloria Estefan – Si Senor
La India – Que ganas de no verte mas
Chilli Willi and the Red Hot Peppers – Choo Choo Sho Boogie


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  1. avatarDavid

    Hi, I will play some more Gloria just for you two. However, have you heard Cecilia Noel? – she is often on the Crossroads programme and is splendid

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