Crossroads Blog 16 June 2011

After a mixed start with geniuses and blues men, we settle into an English Crossroads programme this week. Just as mixed as usual and (in my less than humble opinion) just as good.

Folkies, punkies, crazies (Otways’ completely mad Rising sun), some 60’s stars, arm wavers and a frog.  Finally – because I don’t throw these programmes together – three songs about the night – brrrr. This is what you heard and the vote is in from the Norwegian jury.


John Hiatt – Master of disaster
Rolling Stones – Loving cup
Bob Dylan – Most likely you go your way I go mine
Drive By Truckers – Ray’s automatic weapon
Otis Taylor – Maybe yeah
John Martyn – Could’ve been me
Bert Jansch – If you see my love
Richard Thompson – I misunderstood
John Otway – The House of the rising sun
Elvis Costello – (The angels wanna wear) my red shoes
Wynder K Frog – green door
Joe Cocker – The letter
The Kinks – You really got me
Bowie – Here comes the night
Wilson Pickett – In the midnight hour
King Curtis – Night train