Christmas Countdown 2009

Here it is – the full list of Bradford Beat’s Christmas Countdown, our favourite 20 tracks of 2009:

1 Super Furry Animals – Inagural Trams
2 Depeche Mode – Peace
3 Rev Chunky/Jam Sponge – Wednesday Downers
4 Crystal Stilts – Shattered Shine
5 Ben and Steve (ex-The Turn) – Our Sounds (demo)
6 Tricky – Puppy Toy
7 Tiny Masters of Today – Pop Chart
8 Sky Larkin – Beeline
9 Lord Auch – Maredo
10 Secret Machines – Last Believer, Drop Dead
11 Grizzly Bear – While We Wait For The Others
12 Roger Davies – Brighouse On A Saturday Night
13 Frank Turner – Poetry of the Deed
14 Blue Roses – I Am Leaving
15 Benjy Ferree – Blown Out (Gold Doubloons and PCs of 8 )
16 The Very Best – Warm Heart of Africa
17 Animal Collective – Summertime Clothes
18 Prom Knight – Counter Intelligence
19 Scaramanga Six – Misadventure
20 New Model Army – Autumn

To hear our choice of the best albums of the decade so far, tune in on New Year’s Eve!

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3 thoughts on “Christmas Countdown 2009

  1. avatarPhil Cope

    Good number 1 , Simon – that track seems to have been forgotten about in the other 2009 polls I’ve seen. Will there be any Super Furrys LP’s in the albums of the decade I wonder?

  2. avatarAlbert

    Yes, I agree, well remembered Simon, and good on you for sticking to your guns and not being swayed by what’s in other 2010 polls. I searched online for the song’s video, as I thought it might be nice to embed the video in your blog – but to my surprise there isn’t a video for it.

    And anyway, Phil – I didn’t think you looked at any other lists..! 😉 Now then, that’s a thought, which SFA album might make it into the end of decade polls? My personal favourite is Guerrilla but that was 1999. Mwng was 2000, which is pleasing to recall because it means I can say that my favourite b-side of the decade is Charge, which was the b-side to the 7″ of Ysbeidiau Heulog.

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