Been a while.

Hey music blog…tis been a little while since I checked in. In all honestly I have been busy getting the brand new BCB website ready to go, so have not had much time to get on the blogging…Will be giving this little thing a face lift in a few weeks as well with any luck.

Anyway, I thought I would draw people’s attention to some rather sick albums that are doing the rounds. Why might you not have listened to them? Because they’re movie sound tracks.

I like to throw as much information into my head as possible in the hope that something half decent might spew itself out one day (like some kind of brain blender) I frequently visit London’s overpriced independent cinemas (it would probably be cheaper to bath in gold). Anyway two fairly recent outings have proved very fruitful on the music front , and make entertaining watches.

Obviously the Scott Pilgrim film is one such outing witch dripped in absolute cool on every front (and was subsequently enjoyably vacuous in exactly the right kind of way). In addition to New Order t-shirts and a character called ‘Young Neil’ I believe the sound track was provided by Beck (I have not fact checked this)… Anyway, it’s on Spotify so dip in if you fancy some heavy indie tunes.

Much more modern and exciting is the sound track from the new ‘The Social Network’ which is some kind of minimalistic techno bliss, with dark tense undercurrents. Closing my eyes while listing to this music I can envisage, lots of brain surgeons gathered round a patient in an operating theatre, with nes controllers plugged into the patient’s brain, each controller assigned to a coloured light in the room, playing out dramatic shows to onlookers…..It’s that good.

Anyway, some one told me the chap from Nine Inch Nails did the sound track (did not check). But it sounds amazing…get on it, you can download five tracks for free online and the rest of it’s on Spotify. Also the film’s well worth seeing.