Eclectic Mainline – 18th May 2011

Here’s the exquisitely sad video to the brilliant Low tune I played tonight, taken from their marvellous new album, C’mon.

Before my list of tonight’s tunes, an adendum.  I seem to have neglected to mention in my playlist of 2 weeks ago that I played something by Mark McGuire.  Do I go back and edit said playlist or mention it today?  I’ll do the latter.  I played “Slipstreams” by him 2 weeks ago, and another tune from the same album tonight.  Here’s the *full* list of tonight’s tunes:

Damon & Naomi – “Shadow Boxing” (LP – “False Beats and True Hearts”) (Broken Horse)
SERPH – “Luck” (LP – “Heartstrings”) (Noble)
Josh T. Pearson – “Singer To The Crowd” (Various Artists LP – “Vorwärts”) (Mute)
Bibio – “K Is For Kelson” (single) (Warp)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – “Gates To The Garden” (CD/DVD re-issue – “No More Shall We Part” (Mute)
Dibek – “Thick Carpet Of Leaves” (Various Artists LP – “1st Annual Report”) (Phlox)
The Computers – “Rhythm Revue” (LP – “This Is The Computers”) (One Little Indian)
Mark McGuire – “Sun Shining Through The Back Door” (LP – “A Young Person’s Guide To Mark McGuire”) (Editions Mego)
Clock Opera – “Belongings” (single) (Moshi Moshi)
Low – “Try To Sleep” (LP – “C’mon”) (Sub Pop)
Panda Bear – “Surfers Hymn” (LP – “Tomboy”) (Paw Tracks)
Hauschka – “Sunrise” (LP – “Salons Des Amateurs”) (130701)
Eskmo – “Moving Glowstream: Slugabed Remix” (single b-side – “We Got More”) (Ninja Tune)
J Mascis – “Is It Done” (single and LP – “Several Shades Of Why”) (Sub Pop)
Bill Gould & Jared Blum – “Talking Book 1” (LP – “The Talking Book”) (Koolarrow)
Julia Kent – “Guarding The Invitations” (LP – “Green and Grey”) (Tin Angel)