World Waves, 4th September 2012



Various artists (including sheep) – “Sheep Bells and Kaval”
(from The Living Tradition: Music from Turkey, Argo)

Sister Nancy – “Bam Bam”
(from 300% Dynamite: Ska, Soul, Rocksteady, Funk & Dub, Soul Jazz)

Messouad Bellemou – “Andi Probleme”
(from Bellemou Messaoud presents Cheb Ourrad Houarri, World Circuit)

The Who – “Out in the Street”
(from My Generation, Virgin)

Hassan Kassa’i – “Tshahamezrab – delkash et feili”
(from Le Ney, Playasound)

Captain Beefheart – “Tropical Hot Dog Night”
(from Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller), Virgin)

Muhacir Ibrahim – “Gum Gum Teke”
(from the 45 rpm single b/w “Zilli Maridudu”, Seviler Plak)

Alam Lohar – “Saif ul Maluk”
(from YouTube)

Various artists – “Supurkesi Yoncadan”
(from The Living Tradition: Music from Turkey, Argo)

The Radiants – “Voice Your Choice”
(from Keepin’ the Faith, PRT Records)

Stella Haskil – “Bir Allah”
(from Bed of Pain, Mississippi/Canary)

Leib Glantz – “Sh’ma Visro’el”
(from Mysteries of the Sabbath, Secret Museum of Mankind/Yazoo)

Selda Bagcan – “Bulbul”
(from 45 rpm single b/w “Bolemedim terek ile kozumu”, Yavuz Plak)

Trio Odemira – “Jay Jay Jay”
(from Requests from Mexico, Request Records)


3 thoughts on “World Waves, 4th September 2012

  1. avatarAlbert

    Your show is currently my favourite on BCB. I love it. If I hadn’t read the tracklist before listening, The Who would have been a big surprise. I wouldn’t have expected you to play them. But more power to you for doing so. 😉

  2. avatarchrish Post author

    I went to see her in London a few weeks ago. Despite a questionable choice of backing band her voice is as good as ever. Cheers for the kind words Albert.

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