Leeds Festival Coverage Starts HERE!

To kick of the music blog we will be bringing you undoubtedly the most comprehensive Leeds festival coverage to be found anywhere. We have a temporary twitter stream running down the right of this blog. With any luck you will get a chance to see our audio boos uploaded right from the field. As well as fantastic videos of weekend vibe “cooking”, you heard it here first people.

Look back at the blog as well for daily photos and with any luck a morning and night blog entry (although i am bound to forget to check in once over the weekend). Its an absolute privilege to be going to the festival with the rest of the team this year. That’s all for now ta tar.

Check out this spotify playlist of Leeds festival as well;


Oh my names Adam by the way, i am the site administaror and will been helping keep this experiment ship shape over the next few months with our editor albert. I present the Saturday afternoon slot called ‘the show’.