Eclectic Mainline 2013 review – part 1

This week’s programme was going to be full of festive cheer, what with it being on 25th December. But then when I started to plan next week’s look back at 2013 and I realised I had far too much good music from the past 12 months for one showt. So no Christmas tunes this week. Anyway, if you really want festive tunes, you could do no better than listen to Phil Cope’s Christmas mix, recorded live during the WIN Christmas special a couple of weeks ago.

You can listen back to my programme in full courtesy of the wonders of Mixcloud:

You will also find the full programme on the BCB Listen Again service. Here is the track list:

Bleached – ‘Dreaming Without You’ (LP – Ride Your Heart) (Dead Oceans)
Boards of Canada – ‘New Seeds’ (LP – Tomorrow’s Harvest) (Warp)
Bill Callahan – ‘Javalin Unlanding’ (LP – Dream River) (Drag City)
The Cairo Gang – ‘Tiny Rebels’ (LP – Tiny Rebels) (Emtpy Cellar) (Soundcloud)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – ‘Jubilee Street’ (LP – Push The Sky Away) (self-released) (video)
Deerhunter – ‘Neon Junkyard’ (LP – Monomania) (4AD)
Nils Frahm – ‘Says’ (LP – Spaces) (Erased Tapes) (Soundcloud)
Fuck Buttons – ‘The Red Wing’ (LP – Slow Focus) (ATP) (video)
Daughn Gibson – ‘You Don’t Fade’ (LP – Me Moan) (Sub Pop) (Soundcloud)
Kink Gong – ‘Baozoo Khen’ (LP – Voices) (Discrepant)

There is one song I would like to have played in this show, but not having a radio edit of it, I couldn’t. It’s GMF, by John Grant. One of the highlights of 2013 was seeing him have the gaul to sing this in a busy shopping centre when he did an instore performance at Jumbo Records.