Christmas Countdown 2020 – part 2

This week saw 5 more song revealed in our chart of the top 20 tracks of the year:

15 Worry – Songhoy Blues
14 Be My Friend – Goa Express
13 Loneliness of The Stage Performer – Hotel Lux
12 Strange Girl – Laura Marling
11 Over Under – Talkboy

And the rest of the tracks we played were:

The Right To Be Forgotten – Memory Drawings
Arabella – Arctic Monkeys
Drei Bruder aus Irland – Thies Marsen
Farewell – Hen Ogledd
Searching For The Stars – Laura Groves
Then Again – Nick Toczek and Thies Marsen
Free Today – Albertine Sarges
Island Mentality – Mush

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