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Eclectic Mainline 15th January 2014

Tunes in this week’s programme included the most recent release by Burial:

…this from the new Steve Moore LP:

…and the new Wild Beasts single:

Listen back to the full programme if you so desire. Here is the track list:

Jon Hopkins – ‘Collider’ (single and LP – Immunity) (Domino) YouTube
His Clancyness – ‘Run Wild’ (LP – Vicious) (Fat Cat)
Atom TM – ‘Ich Bin Meine Maschine (Boys Noize Remix)’ (12″) (Raster Noton)
A Winged Victory For The Sullen – ‘Steep Hills Of Vicodin Tears’ (LP – Winged Victory For The Sullen) (Erased Tapes) Soundcloud
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – ‘Chartjunk’ (LP – Wig Out At Jagbags) (Domino)
Burial – ‘Rival Dealer’ (12″)  YouTube
Adrian Crowley & James Yorkston – ‘Like A Monkey In A Zoo’ (LP – My Yoke Is Heavy: The Songs Of Daniel Johnston) (Chemikal Underground) 
Quilt – ‘Tie Up The Tides’ (Mexican Summer) YouTube
Steve Moore – ‘Nemesis’ (LP – Pangaea Ultima) (Spectrum Spools) Soundcloud
of Montreal – ‘Triumph of Disintergration’ (single) (Polyvinyl) Bandcamp
Wild Beasts – ‘Wanderlust’ (single) (Domino) http://youtu.be/9IIbbFIQTKI
Tomas Barfod – ‘Pulsing feat. Nina Kinert’ (single) (Secretly Canadian)

Eclectic Mainline 21st November 2012

Do our brains act like virtual jukeboxes, storing a copy of every song we have ever enjoyed, and calling up any given song when prompted to do so by an outside stimulus? I ask this because every once in a while a song will end up going round in my head simply because somebody has said something that brings to mind its lyrics, or a conversation reminds me of a specific event that my brain links to a given piece of music.

This happened to me last week. I was speaking to a good friend about some of our favourite music from 20 years ago.  The next day when I awoke, ‘Fishes Eyes‘ by New Fast Automatic Daffodils was in my head, and there it stayed for several hours.  Despite not having heard it for several years, my brain was giving a pretty faithful rendition, and it sounded very much like this:

How this happens, I would love to know.  If anybody wants to sponsor me to write a book on the topic, I would certainly take up the challenge.

Anyway, as a result I decided to play a bit of New FADS in tonight’s show.  I also played this excellent Four Tet and Burial collaboration, that I picked on on 12″ at Jumbo Records earlier this year:

Another tune I played tonight was this from the Snow Palms album:

If you have a desire to listen back to the full show, you will find it on the BCB Listen Again site.  These are the tunes I played: Continue reading

Eclectic Mainline – 15th August 2012

A break with convention now, in that rather than just showing you tunes here that I played in tonight’s show, here’s a tune I didn’t play:

Dusk & Blackdown Feat. Burial – High Road by PinBoardBlog

I bought that 12″ at Jumbo Records in Leeds this afternoon. Rumour has it (although the rumour, and the evidence, are both so strong that I feel it’s a little unfair to use the word “rumour”) that Burial is involved, despite not being credited on the record.

And to get back to the normal way of things, here’s a tune I did play tonight:

Willits + Sakamoto – Completion by ghostly

If you want to listen back to the full show, you’ll find it here.  This is what you will hear:

Continue reading