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Radio Buffet #26 – It’s Summer, allegedly

These are the records we played (with background music courtesy of Classic Rock!):

Theme from TISWAS (inspired, of course, by Murdoch’s flan in the face)

50 FOOT WAVE– Radiant Addict

LADYTRON – Predict The Day

MILAGRES – Glowing Mouth

YOUNG KNIVES – Weekends and Bleak Days (Hot Summer)

FIRST FOLD RECORDS – Exquisite Corpse – a musical ‘consequences’ featuring the following:

PAPA NOVEMBER – Process v 1.2

ROADSIDE PICNIC – Mama Roux’s Forest Map

THE ASSEMBLED MINDS – Community Pattern I

SPUNKLE– The Pumping Station

THEM USE THEM – I Am Microphone



KATY ACQUAYE-TONGE – Journey from Mamprobi to Jamestown, Accra, 2002

Available from http://www.firstfoldrecords.com/2011/07/premier-pli-vs-buy-button/ with magazine Premier Pli

POP LEVI – Motorcycle 666

FIONA APPLE – Extraordinary Machine


WOLF PARADE – You Are A Runner And I Am My Father’s Son

PETE AND THE PIRATES – Come to the Bar

BURT WARD – Boy Wonder, I Love You

PAVEMENT – Summer Babe (Winter Version)


We are back on Saturday 10th September.


The blowin Weekly Extra – 6852

Blowin Weekly Extra

9-10pm Sunday 24 April 2011

Blowin online http://blowin.podomatic.com

BCB 106.6 FM and www.bcbradio.co.uk


Near Wycoller


for Steve


We were talking about what we did on the last royal parasite wedding day, in 1981. I vaguely remembered the pubs being open all day, an extraordinary event then. We trotted round Manningham via a series of pints in pubs that no longer exist or have become sari shops or halal butchers. Elsewhere, Jon was twitting around on his mate’s motorbike and Chris was in Sudan blissfully unaware.

Ben had a different tale:

“The Wednesday of 29 July 1981 is etched on my memory because it was the night my brother and sister were arrested for civil disobedience during the notorious South African Springbok Rugby Tour of New Zealand.

A group of students, including my brother and sister, broke into the New Zealand Rugby Football Union’s Wellington HQ and tossed the upcoming Wellington Test tickets out the window before barricading themselves in. They were then arrested.

Meanwhile on the streets of the capital riot police were unleashed on non-violent protestors attempting to march on Parliament, which was debating the already divisive SA tour. After pushing the police lines back the ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’ riot squads were set on the unarmed and peaceful demonstrators. They proceeded to indiscriminately smash the front few rows of the march in the head with their new PR24 US batons*.

Men, women, children were beaten. Blood on the street. Nice. I was on the edge of the demo that night, but it was too heavy for me so I went home for my tea. I was 16 years old.

Oh yes, the wedding was on TV, at about 11pm NZ time, but after I took the call from the Central Police Station saying my siblings had been arrested we weren’t paying much attention. To this day I’m afraid I so dislike the Afrikaans/Boers. It’s an irrational racist part of me.

After 29 July “the Tour” (as it was known) got really nasty. Attempts to disrupt the games were met with a solid line of police brutality and barbed wire. We used to spend our Saturdays playing cat and mouse with the police, practicing mass disobedience by blocking motorways and roads in advance of the 2nd Test.

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