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Eclectic Mainline 3rd July 2013

A digression…

I’m starting this blog with a break from the norm. Rather than showing you tunes I played on BCB this evening, here are some I didn’t play.

The reason I didn’t play ‘Dies Irae’ by Gonzo is because it is possibly the most scarce release I have ever heard of. It is limited to just 30 cassettes, and the Soundcloud clip below is the closest there is to a digital version:

I’ve recently seen (twice: once at the ATP Festival, and once at the 1 in 12 Club in Bradford) the excellent presentation by Eric Isaacson of Mississippi Records. I bought several of the label’s LPs and intended to play a couple of tunes in my show, but a couple of technical glitches meant I couldn’t play any vinyl in the studio tonight. So, here’s the song by the Georgia Sea Island Singers that I would have played if able tonight:

Something I saw on the ATP TV channel at the recent festival was this amazing Bollywood rendition of a few nursery rhymes:

On with the show…

Now, onto tunes that I did play tonight. This excellent new tune from Mark Pritchard:

… ‘Basin’ by Fawn Spots:

…a welcome return from Fuck Buttons:

…and ‘Everlasting’ by Grey Reverend:

You’ll find the full show on the BCB Listen Again page for 3rd July. Here’s the full playlist:

Jon Hopkins – ‘We Disappear’ (LP – Immunity) (Domino)
Kurt Vile – ‘Was All Talk’ (LP – Wakin On A Pretty Daze) (Matador)
Jamie Lidell – ‘Do Yourself A Favour’ (double a-side single with Big Love) (Warp)
Fawn Spots – ‘Basin’ (split single with Scott & Charlene’s Wedding) (Critical Heights)
Sigur Rós – ‘Stormur’ (LP – Kveikur) (XL
Grey Reverend – ‘Everlasting’ (single) (Motion Audio)
Fuck Buttons – ‘The Red Wing’ (single) (ATP)
Guided By Voices – ‘W/ Glass In Foot’ (LP – English Little League) (Fire)
Motoomi Doi – ‘Dark Night’ (LP – The Illuminated Nightingale) (Noble)
Machinedrum – ‘Eyesdontlie’ (single) (Ninja Tune)
Vampire Weekend – ‘Unbelievers’ (single and LP – Modern Vampires Of The City) (XL)
Mark Pritchard – ‘Ghosts’ (Ghosts EP) (Warp)

Eclectic Mainline 20th February 2013

New music in this week’s show included Letherette:

…Fawn Spots:

…and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.  The video below is the censored version. Feel free to watch the uncensored version if you can handle it:

If you were to stream the show at your leisure, this is what you would hear:

Concrete Knives – ‘Wallpaper’ (LP – Be Your Own King) (Bella Union)
Blood Red Shoes – ‘Get Off My Ghost Train’ (split single with Pulled Apart By Horses)
Letherette – ‘D&T’ (single) (Ninja Tune)
Youth Lagoon – ‘Dropla’ (single)
Julia Kent – ‘Only Child’ (LP – Character) (Leaf)
Beach Fossils – ‘Careless’ (single)
Gilded – ‘Velar’ (LP – Terrane) (Hidden Shoal)
Pulp – ‘After You’ (single)
Melody’s Echo Chamber – ‘Crystallized’ (single and LP – Melody’s Echo Chamber) (Weird World)
Mogwai – ‘Special N’ (LP – Les Revenants)
Fawn Spots – ‘Watered Down’ (LP – Wedding Dress) (Fat Cat)
Wire – ‘Outdoor Miner’ (LP – Chairs Missing) (this week’s Brief Candle, nominated by Tilt Araiza)
Ducktails – ‘Ivy Covered House’ (LP – The Flower Lane) (Domino)
Yo La Tengo – ‘Ohm’ (single)
Japandroids – ‘The Nights Of Wine And Roses’ (single and LP – Celebration Rocks) (Polyvinyl)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – ‘Jubilee Street’ (LP – Push The Sky Away) (self-released)