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Christmas Countdown 2013 part 1

Our rundown of the top 20 tracks of the year is underway.
The next part of the Christmas Countdown will be part of Bradford Beat on Thursday 12 December from 8pm – 9pm.
The first part of the chart went out last week’s show, which also featured an interview with Tom from the Electric Soft Parade.
Here’s the full list of tracks played:

Drenge – Nothing
Junk Dealers – Hometown Blues
20 Beaty Heart – Lekka Freakout
19 Eagulls – Nerve Endings
18 Chutzpah – Eyes
17 Damn Vandals – Kings of Never Never
16 Vessels – Elliptic
Polyphonic Spree – Popular By Design
Electric Soft Parade – The Sun Never Sets Round Here
Sentimentalists – Toilet Attendant
John Parkes – One Who Got Away
Electric Soft Parade – Life In The Backseat

You can listen again by clicking here


(Who is) The Second Coolest Person In Town (After You)?

The Seven Inches think they have the answer.
They and other West Yorkshire acts including Sentimentalists, Eagulls, Rodina and John Parkes feature in the latest edition of Bradford Beat.
Here’s the full list of tracks:

Chris T-T – The Bear
Rodina – What Is It About Today?
Bill Haley and the Comets – Rock Around The Clock
The Seven Inches – (I Wanna Be) The Second Coolest Person In Town (After You)
Drenge – Nothing
John Parkes – A Strange Affair
Proclaimers – Make My Heart Fly
Sentimentalists – I’m Beat
Eagulls – Nerve Endings
Bastille – Pompeii
Negative Panda – She Is Right
Us3 – Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)
Nick Toczek – Head Came Off
New Order – Age of Consent

You can listen again by clicking here.

Yo El Rey in the studio

Bradford band Yo El Rey are int he studio this week chatting about their forthcoming album.

You can hear the interview plus a couple of their tracks on Bradford Beat on Thursday May 17 from 8pm – 9pm.

If you missed last week’s session with Sentimentalists, you can listen again here

The full track listing for that show was:

Whiter Than – Golden Smile
Whipping Boy – No One Takes Prisoners Any More
Sentimentalists – My Mad Mind (live in session)
Sentimentalists – Tobacco (live in session)
Sentimentalists – I’m Lonely For Every Woman I’ve Ever Known (live in session)
The Wind Up Birds – Cross Country
Paul Weller – That Dangerous Age
Talulah Gosh – Steaming Train
Ting Tings – Guggenheim

Sentimentalists in session

Don’t miss next week’s Bradford Beat when we have the West Yorkshire band Sentimentalists live in session.

They’ll be playing live on Thursday May 10 from 8pm – 9pm and chatting about their forthcoming gig at the Kirkgate Centre in Shipley on May 12.

The full playlist for May 3 is:

Three Johns – Pink Headed Bug
Ting Tings – Silence
Cud – Sticks and Stones
Felice Brothers – Ponzi
Real Estate – Green Aisles
Whiter Than – Scarlet and Silver
Django Django – Storm
Sentimentalists – I’m Lonely For Every Woman I’ve Ever Known
The Chevin – Drive
Duckworth Lewis Method – The Age of Revolution
Wind Up Birds – Past Houses
Three Johns – Death Of The European