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A Nightmare Before Christmas

When Jenny Jet and I ventured to Pontins to experience Shellac’s Nightmare Before Christmas (an All tomorrow’s Parties festival) we did not anticipate that Pontins itself would be a real nightmare. So much so it actually makes Butlins look classy. Anyroad, we are rocking middle aged Mums and enjoyed a fabtastic weekend of rock and roll despite the severely lacking facilities, accommodation and blood stained duvets.

This month’s Buffet (broadcast on 1st December) was a combination of ATP tribute and twisted Christmas tunes, for it is that time of year. You can listen to the show here

And this is what we played:

1. Theme from Ski Sunday
2. RED FANG – Number 13
3. WIRE – Ex Lion Tamer
4. GRUFF RHYS – Slashed Wrists This Christmas
5. NINA NASTASIA – Ugly Face
6. GAY WITCH ABORTION – Prison Charm
7. MELT BANANA – White Christmas
8. SUFJAN STEVENS – Christmas Woman
9. PRINZHORN DANCE SCHOOL – You are The Space Invader
10. MONO – Follow The Map
11. MY BLOODY VALENTINE – Map Ref 41 North 93 West
12. SHANNON WRIGHT – With Closed Eyes
13. BONNIE PRINCE BILLY with DAWN McCARTHY- Christmas Eve Can Kill You
14.  MISSON OF BURMA – Second Television
15. TEITUR – Happy Christmas (War Is Over)

We’re back on 29th December.

Stay warm!


When Big Joan Sets Up 6/1/11 – Happy New Wire!


New Year, same old crap puns. Tim Vine eat yer heart out!
When Big Joan Sets Up galloped into 2011 with three tracks from the excellent new LP from Wire plus 12 minutes and 37 seconds of wonky dubsteppy style magic from Shackleton plus more from the patron saint of Wednesday nights, Captain Beefheart.

Ganwar and Irwin – “Auld Lang Syne” (download) (Hard Dance)
The Decemberists – “January Hymn (7”) (Rough Trade)
Part Chimp – “You Decide” (7″) (Gringo)
Shackleton – “Man on A String Parts 1 & 2″ (12”) (Septic Heart)
The Fall – “O.F.Y.C. Showcase” (LP – “Your Future, Our Clutter”) (Domino)
Anthony B – “Run Dem Out Ya” (LP – “Encore”) (Truckback)
Blind Wille Johnson – “You’ll Need Somebody On Your Bond” (LP – “Complete Recordings Of..”) (Sony)
Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band – “Kandy Korn” (LP – “Merseytrout”) (Ozit)
Prime Mover and Chuck B – “Murda Sounds” (Download EP – “The Cross Continents EP”) (Rockers)
Wire – “Please Take” (LP – “Red Barked Tree”) (Pink Flag)
Wire – “Two Minutes” (LP -“Red Barked Tree”) (Pink Flag)
Wire – “A Flat Tent” (LP – “Red Barked Tree”) (Pink Flag)
Woebot – “String” (LP – “Moanad”) (Hollow Earth)
Mogwai – “Mexican Grand Prix” (download single) (Rock Action)