BCB Complaints Procedure – Broadcasting

As Bradford’s community radio station, we have a responsibility to allow presenters, guests and contributors to voice their open and honest opinions whilst ensuring that they do not offend our listeners or undermine our Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy. We also have a responsibility to individuals and organisations to ensure that they are represented in a fair and accurate way.

Whilst we do not want to shy away from robust on-air discussions, we do take the feedback we receive from our listeners seriously and will actively address any concerns they may raise with us.

How we handle your complaint

How does the complaints process work?

The process has three stages, designed to be straightforward to use and to enable us to address your concerns effectively.

Stage One: Making a complaint

If you say you are making a complaint we count it as such. We regularly receive feedback – both positive and negative – but we generally consider something a complaint if it is a criticism which expects a reply and would like things to be changed.

You should normally make your complaint within 28 working days of the broadcast or event to the Broadcast Manager.

Please address your complaint to the Broadcast Manager:
Tel: BCB, 11 Rawson Road, Bradford BD1 3SH
Tel: 01274 771677

OR use the ‘submit a complaint’ form below.

Stage Two: The reply – who will reply and when?

The Broadcast Manager will investigate the complaint and will reply to you. We aim to respond within 10 working days, depending on how long it takes to investigate your complaint.
Having made a judgement on the broadcast output, BCB’s Broadcast Manager and / or Management Committee can also impose a range of measures on the presenter and / or programme:

  • The presenter can be asked to broadcast an appropriate ‘on-air’ apology;
  • The station can impose a range of disciplinary measures on the presenter, guests and contributors, including a verbal warning, written warning or formal suspension;
  • If it is considered that a serious breach of BCB’s broadcast guidelines or the Ofcom Broadcasting Code has taken place then presenters, contributors, guests and / or programmes will be withdrawn from BCB’s schedule.

Additionally, all BCB listeners have the right to reply on-air on BCB 106.6FM.

What if I have not had a reply?

Please contact the Broadcast Manager directly on 01274 771677.

Stage Three: Your response to BCB’s reply

We hope that you will be satisfied with BCB’s reply however if you are not then please contact the Broadcast Manager, explain why you are unhappy with the reply and request a further response to your complaint. You should normally do this within 14 working days of receiving the reply.

Can I complain to an outside body?

If you feel your complaint has not been satisfactorily resolved by BCB you can contact the radio regulator Ofcom – please visit the Ofcom website to read about its remit and how to complain.

Does BCB record the complaints it receives?

All complaints are recorded and feedback to the relevant programme teams to ensure lessons are learned from complaints and fed into our editorial and managerial processes.

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