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Buffet Meet The Scaramanga Six – again! (show #49)

Back in June 2011 we had Paul and Steve Morricone from The Scaramanga Six on our show, where they exclusively revealed they’d be recording their next album in Chicago with Steve Albini. Well that album, Phantom Head, was unveiled last month so we got them back in the studio for a chat, live session and lots of Albini themed record spinning.

Steve & Paul from The Scaramanga Six live at BCB

You can catch up with the show via BCB’s Listen Again feature here

Here’s what we played!

1. Beachbuggy – Kicking Back
2. PJ Harvey – 50ft Queenie
3. Pixies – Break My Body
4. Paul & Steve Morricone (live in the studio) – They Put You On A Pedestal
5. Low – Immune
6. The Scaramanga Six – I Will Crush Your Heart
7. The Breeders – Hellbound
8. Paul & Steve Morricone (live in the studio) – Twist The Knife
9. The Auteurs – Married To A Lazy Lover
10. Mclusky – Collagen Rock
11. The Ex – Listen To The Painters

And check out the new album from The Scaramanga Six here!

See you next month!

Love Team Buffet

Buffet’s Sunday Spread (show #48)

Now then! We chucked in a few film-themed tunes this month to tie in with Bradford International Film Festival (you may have spotted a few BCB DJs at BIFF By Night, too). If you want to hear the show you can listen again here

And this is what we played!

1. LA SERA – Will You Please Be My Third Eye
2. BEASTIE BOYS – Shake Your Rump
3. KISHORE KUMAR & ASHA BHOSLE – Typewriter Tip Tip Tip
4. MICE PARADE – Contessa
5. CEREMONY – Hysteria
6. COWTOWN – Monotone Face
7. FRANK SIDEBOTTOM – Frank Gordon
8. TURING MACHINE – Lazy Afternoon Of The Jaguar
9. THE SCARAMANGA SIX – The Bristol Butcher
10. NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS – God Is In The House
11. ZOLA JESUS – Vessel
12. RAZZY – I Hate Hate
13. THE DICKIES – Sound of Silence
14. ADEBISI SHANK – International Dreambeat
15. SERGE GAINSBOURG – Bonnie and Clyde

We’re back on 19th May.  Cheers!



Buffet #22 – what a slick operation…

We played old stuff, new stuff and record store day stuff. And we giggled – a lot.

Theme from 321 (courtesy of a Spunkle mix)
Blood Red Shoes – It’s Getting Boring by the Sea
The Scaramanga Six – Autopsy of the Mind http://thescaramangasix.bandcamp.com/album/autopsy-of-the-mind

Bibio – Excuses
Swimming – Sun in the Island
Casiokids – London Zoo
Young Knives – Human Again
Deerhunter – Memory Boy
Joe Lally – Painfully Aware (which has got a bit of clarinet on it by Guy Picciotto!)
Elle Osborne – The Ice House
Panda Bear – Tomboy
Gaye Device – Lonesome Robot
Dananananaykroyd – Chrome Rainbow
The Crystals – He’s Sure the Boy I Love
LCD Soundsystem – Yeah (pretentious Version)

We are back on May 21st, and you can of course listen to this show on BCB’s aces “Listen Again” feature – go to April 23rd “g”.

Ta Ta!