Tina Watkin

Afternoon Stretch, Senior Moment's and The Scribe's Show

by Jem Emmett
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Tina has been with us for 25 years enjoying chatting on the airwaves. Co-hosting the Afternoon Stetch with Alan Keeling, she chooses guests whilst he music. Always looking for new folk to interview, please let them know if you would like to do so. Co-presenting with Valerie Cosgrave, this ‘Dynamic Duo’ find their witty banter on the Senior Moments show enjoyed by all ages. Valerie’s book of facts astound Tina. Plesse suggest subjects for them to discuss. They promote ‘Positive Thinking’ and ‘Bring Sunshine in your Smile’ with their theme tunes. As Leader of the Bradford Writers’ Circle, interviewing local writers, reading out their work is a pleasurable task for Tina. She enjoys editing out any errors occurring in prerecording. In her 80th year, she hopes to keep finding new folk to these programmes. If she’s not with us she’s in her garden talking to the plants.

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