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We paid tribute to Mark E Smith on our latest show following the very sad news of his death.

Here are the tracks we played:

The Fall – Rowche Rumble
Skeletal Family – Passing Strangers
Motorhead – Ace of Spades
Talulah Gosh – Beatnik Boy
Field Music – Count It Up
Durutti Column – Red Shoes
Jack White – Connected By Love
Pigeon Detectives – This Is An Emergency
The Cranberries – Linger
Goat Girl – Scream
Young Cub – Fragile
Car Seat Headrest – Nervous Young Inhumans
Kindness – Lonely Long Lady
The Fall – The Classical

Our listen again service got out of kilter, so if you want to hear the whole show again, you’ll have to go here first and listen from halfway through and then switch to Bradford Rocks and listen the first half of that show to hear the second half of Bradford Beat. Sorry if that’s confusing!

#38 Buffet – Birds and Brass

Hey lovely people. If you listened to our show – big thanks! We hope it tickled your fancy. If you didn’t but are curious, here’s a link: http://www.podcast.canstream.co.uk/bcb/index.php?id=7550

And this is list of what we played:

1. First Lady (advert) – THE MIKE SAMMES SINGERS
2. Bonkers – DIZZEE RASCAL
4. Apocalypse Dreams – TAME IMPALA
5. 7 Heures du Matin  – JAQUELINE TAIEB
6. Film Reel – SMOKE FAIRIES
7.  Long Division – SUUNS
8. The Man From the Future (part 2) – THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN
9. I Bought My Eyes – TY SEGALL BAND
10. Treading Water – VIEO ABIUNGO
11. If You Can’t Beat Them, Try Solvents – ANTLERED MAN
12. Cool Spirit – FENCE
13. Totally Wired – THE FALL
14. Misty Mountain Hop – LED ZEPPELIN
15. Hey Ladies – BEASTIE BOYS

We’re back on 11th August with a Chris in France special!

Ciao, bellas!

Team Buffet

The A-Z of The Fall

The FallBack in August 2010 a fresh -faced idealistic young DJ had a dream which came to him while he was idly perusing a Fall discography. “What if , ” thought our lantern jawed hero, ” there was a Fall record that began wil every letter of the alphabet?”

“And what if” he went on, sitting upright on his sofa strewn with discarded Frosties and old copies of DJ International magazine “we played them in order over the next 26 weeks – that indeed would be a fine testament to the work of Mark and the eternally revolving line ups of the Fall”.

And so, he went to work long into the unforgiving night compiling such a list because he was a bit sad and didin’t have anything better to do .

Some of his choices were perverse. A ramshackle live version of Gene Vincent’s “Race With The Devil” over “Rowche Rumble?”, ” forgotten LP track “Hilary” over “How I wrote Elastic Man ? Nothing from “The Marshall Suite”?, no “To Nkroachment:Yarbles” or Mollusc In Tyrol?”.

Some of his choices were hard fought. The battle between “Bill is Dead” and “Bingo Master’s Breakout” for the letter B and “Kicker Conspiracy” and “Kimble” for the letter K being the kind of epic set-to more likley to be seen in the final reel of Marvel comics superhero movies.

and the ignominious cheating of including “THE Quartet of Doc Shanley” as the letter “Q”

But 26 weeks later (and a bit as there were a couple of weeks when I forgot) here is it, replete with some of the great Fall moments, such as Mark stopping the band during the Peel session version of “C n Cs Hassle Schmuck” to announce the fictional assasination of Arthur Askey and during a particularly dirgey live rendering of “No Xmas For John Quays” Mark rounding on the band and shouting “Will yer fuckin’ gerrit together and stop showing off!”

and so with apologioes to Brian Matthew, in all it’s controversial, flawed beauty. Laydeeeez and Gennlemun I give you – The A-Z of the Fall Continue reading

When Big Joan Sets Up 26/8/10 – Adventures in Lo Fi


Venetian Snares

On this week’s hour of self improvement, three tracks from Venetian Snares‘ headspinning new LP “My So Called Life” , three versions of Skip James, “I’m So Glad” and our A-Z of The Fall stumbles on towards the letter B. And they said it wouldn’t last..

DJ Clent – “My Feet” (download EP – “That Trunk”) (JukeOnline)
Lou Barlow and The Missingmen -“I’m So Glad” (LP – “Sentridoh III”) (Merge)
Cream – “I’m So Glad” (LP – “Fresh Cream”) (Reaction)
Skip James – “I’m So Glad” (LP – “Illinois Blues) (Universe)
Altered Natives – “Mother” (download LP – “Serial Vendetta”) (Eye4Eye)
Hurray for the Riff Raff – “Slow Walk” (LP – “Young Blood Blues”) (Self Released)
Grouper – “Hold” (7″) (Room 40)
Venetian Snares – “Aaron 2” (LP – “My So-Called Life”) (Timesig)
Venetian Snares – “Ultraviolent Junglist” (LP – “My So-Called Life”) (Timesig)
Venetian Snares – “Sound Burglar” (LP – “My So-Called Life”) (Timesig)

A-Z of The Fall – B
“Bingo Master’s Break Out” (LP – “Early Fall 1977-1979”) (Cog Sinister)

Citizens of The Empire – “Insurrection Is Our Only Weapon Against The Machine Of Alienation” (LP – “Citizens of The Empire”) (bandcamp.com)
Mikey Dread – “Dread At The Controls” (v/a LP – “Sipple Out Deh – The Black Ark Years”) (Trojan)
Lee Scratch Perry – “Let There Be Light” (LP – “Revalation”) (Megawave”)

When Big Joan Sets Up 1/4/10 – April Fall Day

They're not big and they're not clever

They're not big and they're not clever

Yes, not only is it a crap pun ( incidentally, did you see The One Show tonight? They made Matt Smith off Doctor Who apologise for saying “crap” – he should have told them to fuck off and then apologised) – but it also took me the best part of a day to come up with it, but it does lead me nicely into the momentous event that is the new Fall LP “Our Future, Your Clutter” from which we played three tracks on Wednesday night alongside new stuff from Teenage Fanclub, Billy Childish‘s new project The Vermin Poets and rather too many records with “fucking” in the title.

Adrian and Christine wouldn’t stand for it, you know. The fuckers.

Teenage Fanclub – “Baby Lee” (download from teenagefanclub.com)
Wormrot – “Exterminate” (v/a CD “Fear Candy 79”) (Terrorizer)
Gunjack – “Bring the Change (download) (Shotcallers)
Jimi Hendrix – “Hear My Train A Comin’ (LP – “Valleys Of Neptune”) (Sony)
Kid 606 – “Deep Lid Morgue” (LP – “Songs About Fucking Steve Albini”) (Important)
Big Black – “Columbian Necktie” (LP – “Songs About Fucking”) (Touch and Go)
Jah Roots feat.Jahmeake – “Rocket” (v/a LP – “Hustling Hard Riddim”) (7th Trumpet Productions)
The Fall – “Y.F.O.C./Slippy Floor”
The Fall – “Chino”
The Fall – “Weather Report 2” (all from LP – “Our Future Your Clutter”) (Domino)
The Vermin Poets – “Arthur Was a Gun Runner” (LP – “Poets of England”) (Damaged Goods)
Scott El and Douglas – “Trauma” (download) (Nu Energy Digital)
Thiaz Itch – “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” ( v/a download complation “Movie Ruiners”) (Ego Twisters)

When Big Joan Sets Up 25/3/10 – A Reading from The Book of M.E.S.


Mark E Smith

And for two years they did wander in the wilderness without any new Fall records until there came to pass a new single – and lo’ it was ace. And the children of Bradford came forth saying “Where hast thou been , O grumpy Mancunian bard of non sequiturs?” and he did say unto them “I’ve got milk on my elbow – ah!” – and they did understand that he was a genius and a bit bonkers as well.

And they saw that this was good and went off to beseech the almighty Domino Records to bestow upon them a copy of the new LP and they did so in a nice way because they did get loads of free records and they did not want to looketh a gift horse in the mouth. And as they went they sayeth unto themselves “That’s what happens when you get your biblical references off Wikipedia”

And there came forth a great howling and gnashing of teeth (from those who had teeth to gnash) and it sounded like this.

Continue reading

When Big Joan Sets Up 2/12/09 – “When two great saints meet, it is a humbling experience”

Cheeky Beatle

Cheeky Beatle

And that rather grandiose Paul McCartney quote from the front cover of John and Yoko’s 1968 avant garde bonkersfest “Two Virgins” (although no one saw it because they were too busy looking at the staggeringly unattractive picture of them with their gear off that also adorns said LP – at least it wasn’t Ringo and Maureen, though) is my way of saying that we had a guest presenter in this week. The wonderful Laura Rawlings came to add some much needed DJ class to the programme, and was kind enough to bring some tunes in for us which feature amongst this lot. And everyone kept their clothes on. Thankfully.

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