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The BCB Sesssions 30th December 2009

This show, like Phil Cope’s show and Albert Freeman’s show in the same night, had 20 minutes devoted to Warp Records, who celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2009.

Tilly And the Wall – Falling Without Knowing
Chairlift – Bruises
Soap & Skin – Spiracle
Yppah – Gumball Machine Weekend
Au Revoir Simone – Shadows
Animal Collective – Summertime Clothes
Lady Sovereign – So Human
Bat For Lashes – Moon and Moon
We Fell To Earth – Lights Out
Yatch – Psychic City (Voodoo Remix)

The BCB Sessions’ Warp20 (Minutes) Mix:
Broadcast – Still Feels Like Tears
Nightmares On Wax – Soul-Ho
Autechre – Vletrmx (Plaid remix)
Nightmares On Wax – Mirror Ball
LFO/Aphex Twin – Simon From Sydney/Untitled (Pram Remix)
Broadcast – Oh How I Miss You

Here’s where you can see the playlists for Albert’s show and Phil’s show, which also celebrated Warp’s 20th birthday.

Eclectic Mainline 30th December 2009

So, dear listeners, it is now 2010, and it seems awfully old fashioned of me to talk about last year, but you see, the thing is, I haven’t yet told you what I played in my last show of the year on 30th December.  This was part of our Warp Records night on BCB, so sandwiched in the middle of my show was a Warp20 (Minutes) mix of tunes on said record label, celebrating their 20th anniversary.  This is what I played:

APSE – 3.1
Phosphorescent – Can I Sleep In Your Arms
Magnetic Fields – We Are Having A Hootenanny
Fever Ray – If I Had A Heart
Vic Chesnutt – Like A Monkey In A Zoo [RIP Vic Chessnutt]

Warp20 (Minutes) mix:
Boards Of Canada – In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country
Autechre – Rale
Grizzly Bear – While You Wait For The Others
Aphex Twin – Girl/Boy Song
Gonjasufi – Kowboyz&Indians
Sqarepusher/AFX – Freeman Hardy & Willis Acid
Battles – Atlas
Bibio – Kaini Industries

Flight Of The Conchords – Hurt Feelings
Big Star – Blue Moon [played because 31st December was indeed a blue moon]
Camera Obscura – French Navy
Antoine Dougb̩ & Orcheste Poly-Rythmo РYa Mi Ton Gbo (Legends Of Benin compilation)

Phil Cope and Laura Rawlings also devoted a third of their shows that night to Warp20 (minutes) mixes.

And, if it doesn’t seem ludicrously old fashioned, I would still like to write a bit of a blog looking back at 2009, so I may yet still do that.

When Big Joan Sets Up 30/12/09 – Full Warp Speed

Greetings my plump, juicy lovlies, and as the fetid odour of partially digested sprouts begins to dissipate for another year, When Big Joan Sets Up picks up its boots and goes back to its roots with a contribution to Warp20 night.

A mix of classics and neglected gems from the dusty corners of the near faultless Warp records catalogue (we’re not going to mention Maximo Park as it’s Christmas and we’re in a good mood because we got gorilla slippers), alongside some of the banginest tunes from today’s new beat combos…

The Powdered Toastman – “Alley Oop” (12″) (Haunted House)
The Hollywood Argyles – “Alley Oop” (LP – “The Golden Age of American Rock and Roll Volume 2”) (Ace)
Bounty Killer – “Ungrateful Hellboy” (EP- “Raise Hell on Hellboy”) (Payday)
Vic Chesnutt – “Concord Country Jubilee” (LP- “At The Cut”) (Constellation)
These New Puritans – “We Want War” (10″) (Angular)

Big Joan’s Warp20 (Minutes) Mix

Chris Morris – “Club News” (LP- “Blue Jam”) (Warp)
Plone – “Plock” (LP- “For Beginner Piano”) (Warp)
Phillip Glass – “Heroes Symphony – (Aphex Twin Remix)” (LP-“26 Mixes For Cash”) (Warp)
Sweet Exorcist – “Testone” (12″) (Warp)
David Holmes – “Johnny Favourite” (12″) (Warp)
Sabres Of Paradise – “Wilmot” (12″) (Warp)
Kid Unknown – “Devastating Beat Creator (Dub Echo)”(12”) (Warp)

Liars – “Scarecrows on A Killer Slant” (LP-“Sisterworld”) (Mute)
Laura Cantrell – “I’d Be a Legend In My Time” (download from Lauracantrell.com)
Delphic – “Red Light” (LP- “Acolyte”) (Chimeric/Polydor)

Yo Ho Ho!

Yo Ho Ho!

Hope you’re all good…& Santa’s sweet to you.

Here’s the tracklisting for Wed 23rd Dec – pick of my favourite sessions:

The Lodger – I Can’t Stop
The Peppermint Lounge – Snow Falls Down
Redwire – Take Me Away
Wilful Missing – Escher Flight
The Research – Anytime Babe
iLiKETRAiNS – Sirens
Everything Everything – Suffragette Suffragette
Maggie8 – Carry On
Meursault – Red Candle Bulb
King Creosote – Coast on Bye
White Light Parade – Turning All The Lights Down
Stephanie Dosen – Only Getting Better
Yimino – Q-Bit
The Luminaries – OCD
Freyed Knot – Wild West Yorkshire

On next week’s show (30th Dec) – I’m celebrating 20 years of Warp with Alb (Eclectic Mainline) & Phil (When Big Joan…) plus playing my favourite releases from 2009.

Have a good one!

Laura x

I have Battles in my life. And Flying Lotus. And Nice Nice

Flying Lotus - apologies for not having my proper camera with me

Flying Lotus - apologies for not having my proper camera with me

Monday was another of this years Warped days.  The albums I’d listened to during the day comprised of two by Aphex Twin (twice each) and one by Squarepusher.  Then I went over to Manchester to a sold out Warp Records triple-decker at the Academy 2 – Battles / Flying Lotus / Nice Nice.  I was right down at the front from the start, so got a perfect view of all the on-stage trickery employed to produce the amazing sounds of the night.  At first I regretted not having my camera, as I could have got some great close ups, but by the end of the night I was very glad I didn’t have it.

Nice Nice are a duo who create live loops using all manner of instruments and gadgets.  One of their songs broke down, but in a way that was one of the best points in their set, showing as it did that all they were doing was live.  One of the most interesting tricks they employed was shouting into the guitar pickups through a megaphone.

I wasn’t too sure what to make of Flying Lotus at first. He seemed a little too keen to make sure we all noticed he was swigging vodka straight from the bottle.  And seeing as how the tools of his trade were fewer than those of Nice Nice – a laptop and a couple of control surfaces – there wasn’t much more visually to focus on. However, the big grin on his face, as he clearly enjoys what he does, and the strength of his music, more than compensated for his drinking antics.  The horripilating bass and ethereal vocal samples gel brilliantly with sometimes frenetic, and sometimes lilting beats.  I was not the only person who had been won over, and the crowd were loving it.  I can’t remember the last time I saw a support act summoned back on stage for an encore, but Flying Lotus and his grin were brought back on for more.

I’d seen Battles before, at the ATP Festival in 2008, so I already knew I was in for a treat.  But being right at the front meant I got a better look at how they worked together.  The drummer would occasionally leave his stage-front position to adjust the controls on one of the guitar amps, or to even change the jack lead into it.  As with Nice Nice, much of their set was built upon live loops, and they’ve clearly worked very hard and are really in sync with one another.  Their set closer, Atlas, not surprisingly caused a bit of a mêlée down the front, and I’ve not been in a moshpit like that for nearly 20 years!  My camera might have suffered some damage had it been with me, so by this point I was glad I’d left it in Bradford.  The trailing leg of a stage diver caught my head though, relieving me of an earplug, so I retreated to a safer position at the back of the room for the encore.  This was a new song that will feature on the next album, and it bodes well.

Monday wasn’t my first Warp-dominated day this year – the Warp20 day I spent in Sheffield, or the day I bought the Warp20 Box Set being two others of note.  But it’s nicely nicely rounded off a year when being a fan of Warp almost became fanaticism!

When Big Joan Sets Up Playlist – 24th Sept 2009

The latest episode in the When Big Joan Sets Up saga was foisted upon the unsuspecting people of Bradford on Wednesday at midnight and oh , what fun we had (while you were asleep, probably)

Three tracks from “Butter ” the LP from Warp wunderkind Hudson Mohwake were played, alongside new stuff from Jahdan Blakkamoore, Do Make Say Think, and Simon Joyner. Everybody had a lovely time and went home with a balloon.

The tracklist (or tracklsit as my leaden fingers seem determined to call it) went after this fashion:

Digital Funk – “Vybezin” –  (V/A  EP “MindFood”) (L2s Recordings)
Earthmen and Strangers- ” Bartender” (LP – “Earthmen and Strangers”)(FDH records)
Girls of the Gravitron – “Malthusian Love Song” (7″) (Boom Chick)
Jimmy Yancey – “Bear Cat Blues” (LP – “Complete Recorded Works Volume 2 1940-1943”) (Document)
Buckey Ranks – “Push, Baby Mother, Push” (LP- “The Journey”)(Tendertouch)
Joey Riot vs. Obie – “I Require Filth” (12″) (Lethal Theory)
The Raincoats – “No Side To Fall In” (LP- “The Raincoats”) (Rough Trade)
Fool’s Gold -” Suprise Motel” (CD Single)
Do, Make , Say, Think- “Think” (LP- “The Other Truths”)(Constellation)
Hudson Mohawke – “3.30”
Hudson Mohawke – “Fruit Touch”
Hudson Mohawke feat Nadsroic – “All Hot” (all from LP -“Butter”)(Warp Records)
Simon Joyner – “The Arsonist” (LP- “Out in the Snow”) (Team Love)
Jahdan Blakkamoore feat. 77 Klash – “Dem A Idiot” (LP- “Buzzrock Warrior”) (Gold Dust Media)
Cosmic Spore “Transmission Lima” (V/A LP - “Schranz Me”) (Schlactof)

Warp20 (Sheffield)

[Before I begin, please note, I’m no expert on Park Hill Flats and until this week I knew nothing about them, so forgive me if you know more than I do and I have got any facts wrong.  I think the following is fairly accurate though…]

Park Hill Flats, Sheffield

Park Hill Flats, Sheffield

Park Hill Flats were built in the late 1950s to re-house entire streets of people from one of Sheffield’s poorest slums into “streets in the sky”.  The scheme attracted a lot of attention, both nationally and internationally and was considered a pioneering project. However, within 15-years or so the level of poverty had not improved, and the high concentration of people meant that the level of crime and overall living conditions were if anything worse than the days when the slums were at ground level.  Many of England’s (visually, at least) similar high rise residential blocks have since been pulled down, but those in the Park Hill area were given Grade II listed status in 1998.  Since then there has been a move to renovate the flats, but at present they are in a curious state.

Now in 2009, while some of the neighbouring blocks of flats have been gutted with a view to renovation, the bulk of Park Hill estate is mostly unpopulated, and boarded up, with just one wing still being occupied by tenants.  This wing, and three unpopulated wings, form a horseshoe with a grassy embankment sloping down into the curve.  This accidental amphitheatre was chosen by Warp Records for a cinematic event as part of the label’s 20th anniversary celebrations. Continue reading

Eclectic Mainline playlist – 16th Sept 2009

F*ck Buttons - Surf Solar

F*ck Buttons - Surf Solar

There are some fantastic things coming out of the All Tomorrow’s Parties record label at the moment, what with great new releases by APSE and F*ck Buttons this month.  To be honest, this is not a rare treat, as ATP have consistently been releasing top notch music for a good few years.  And their releases tend to be worth owning physically too, because as with 4AD you can usually be sure of a nicely put together artifact.  The new F*ck Buttons single is coming out (5th October, I believe) on a nice 7″ picture disc.  And to top it all, this weekend I’ll be in Sheffield on Saturday for the Warp20 event at Park Hill Flats where among a selection of Warp Records videos, and the UK premiere of The Living Room, the new All Tomorrow’s Parties film will also be shown.

Anyway, below are the tunes I’ve played on BCB over the past few days, and it’s a bumper list.  As well as my usual show last night, on Sunday morning I was a guest on Ben Mussanzi’s Peace Music programme, and this morning I filled in for Mary Dowson on About Bradford, BCB’s morning magazine show. Continue reading