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Woke up this morning got myself a PUN!


Now that you have recovered from the incredibly witty title that I have conjured for the benefit of your eyes you can turn your attention to the post below.

So I went over to meet Alabama 3 on Thursday, Brixton’s ageing hipsters who have been going since 1997 [crikey, does that make them aging? I'm well past it then!- ed]. You might first have heard them when one of their tunes was used as The Soparnos theme. You can play the interview at the bottom of this blog. I was not quite sure who I was going to be given to talk to, and it turned out to be keyboardist Orlando Harrison (Larry Love was eating his dinner). He chatted about the new album and the rest of the band. Apparently they are not allowed in the same room for interviews; I guess that’s what happens when you have been on tour for a million years. He was a lovely gent and spoke with pride about his work. Katie also came along and asked him the world’s most difficult question. I edited out the 20 minute pause when she asks it.

We stayed for the gig, but unfortunately it was a slightly disappointing affair, possibly because it was the end of the tour, the sound was not quite right and they’re touring an album that does not exist. I would heartily recommend you catch up with all their albums if you have not done so on Spotify already. Click here for Hit and Exit Wounds from a few years back for a good introduction and Exile on Coldharbour Lane is simply an incredible album.

However, on the night I found myself thinking it might have been better, after the interesting chat with Orlando, to go and see Charlotte Hatherley who was playing in Leeds the same night, would have been a rather nice contrast and her recent work is rather intresting.

Spirit Of Love - Alabama 3 Interview

Also I could not help thinking Orlando looked a little bit like the hitcher from The Mighty Boosh. However, Orlando was rocking the look long before the hitcher existed.

Musical Genres That Don’t Exist Part Three – Nu Yorkshire


Well its been a bloody while, eh, eh don’t you think? Pull up a pew and listen to my ranty scribbles once more. To me the best form of journalism is ill-informed journalism. This tends to lead to far more adventitious stories; the kind of stories that stop you in your tracks (if you’re a train) or just stop you if you’re a human; the kind of stories that you don’t believe because they sound so mind bogglingly impossible, yet must be true as they exist in print or on our blog. I mean if you cannot trust the Internet who can you trust? Would the world have been a more interesting place if we were informed that the recently passing of Michael Jackson (‘This Is It’ review coming soon!) was actually a killer sting operation by MI6 to defend the security of our believed nation. It would not be true but it would make for a bloody good read. Anyhow I seem to be going off topic, however a blog posted is thought out and edited so everything I have left in could quite easily have been taken out by me and replaced by real content thus its kind of impossible to go off topic. ANYHOW! my point is I am in no way qualified to talk about these topics and have no authority to do so, but shall anyhow. If you’re cool with this then pray continue…

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Some Old Videos

I am woefully aware that I have been neglecting my posting duties these last few weeks through the need to go on holiday and subsequently catch up on everything I missed once I had been away. So I thought I might just post out some old content post haste as a cheap alternative to writing a full blog post. A couple of Youtube videos of some of the bands I managed to drag into the show, I have a few more kicking about so will probably add to this in a few more weeks. I do rather regret not filming the entire songs and in future will endeavour to do this. I will also mention that I got told off when super Jonny K were playing in the studio for being too loud…sorry albo!

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Musical Genres That Don’t Exist Part Two – Nu Rave


So, image the scene: 2007, a few of us sit around the sink in some student halls rather excitedly. Our party is greeted by an extra member who turns up with a small paper bag, its contents known to all of us.  A small ripple of excitement overcomes the group.  He handles the bag in the same manner one might handle some highly illegal pornographic material.

The lad opens the bag and takes a vile of the stuff.

“Is it working?” I pipe in with

“Give it chance” replies the chappy.

A moment passes, I glance at the ipod dock/clock. The clock appears to be out to some degree, I contemplate this momently trying to think of a poetic comparison to the current situation, however after a moment’s of pondering I decided it was inconsequential to the activities we were about to partake in.

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Singles Club 2 – Abrasive Electro


Got 10 minutes, listen to this? If you very much enjoy hearing me say things like ‘erm, ok, so yes, no’ then you will love singles club. This week we listen to a host of the latest tracks that all the cool kids are listing to. Then mutter about them like a bunch of old WI ladies complaining at the state of sociaity. Classic.


For optimal listing may I suggest itunes, click here to go there now.

Musical Genres That Don’t Exist Part One – Artrock

I relax with pop annual 1973 in the bath for Art Rock research.

My last post regarding noise music and experimental sounds got me thinking about something I always enjoy asking musicians when we have them on the show. You see musicians hate to be pinned down and pigeon holed. But on The Show we are all about the holes that the pigeons live in. Thus I have asked a variety of musical guests what they would class there music as.  It seems a common occurrence for these bands to invent their very own genre in effect rendering the pigeon holing technique employed by myself useless, but given the fact they have just made something up they may as well have just used the band name and called it the genre right? The musicians may think they have won, however in order to create something original they have had to go to some lengths and say something like ‘post new wave inspired foke indie’. Thus sounding like fools in the process and everyone knows that being in a band is ALL about been cool, right?

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Expo Leeds – This Weekend!

Hummm, the title of this blog Untitled Noise seems more applicable to this post than any other thus far.

Last night I was was lucky enough to sit through a talk on the history of sonic art delivered by David Rogerson from Sound and Music. It was most enlightening for someone such as myself who mainly works with visuals (apart from working on the radio). Appreciating modern music you see how the avant garde work of the past has worked its way into mainstream punk and modern electro. I won’t write at length about it but if you’re interested take a look at some stuff from the Noise scene, Microtonal Music and artists such as John Oswarld, Harry Patch and People Like Us.

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Singles Club – Our first Podcast


Introducing our first podcast, not quite sure how regular this will be yet. But the pretext is simple. Some of the blog’s authors squabble and talk over each other while stating view points as fact. You can put it on your mobile machines so you’re never too far from BCB.

This week we look at The Twilight Sad, Kate Walsh, Jack White’s new band The Dead Weather and Wild Beasts.


Audio of Theoretical Girl, Adam’s Co-host

Like zebras TG needs elobrate camouflage for walking around Bradford.

TG had to interview herself.

The slot of co-host on The Show has been an interchangeable position for the last month. We have had everything from physiologists to arts organisations (all united with distaste for old Adam’s ego). What a diverse box of frogs the show has become.

In keeping with that theme I had a particularly special co-host this week in the form of Amy Turnnidge (I have admired her work for quite some time now), stage name Theoretical Girl, who graced the studio with her presence. We talked about the recent album, influences, her time in the studio and party rings. Below is a little sample to whet the appetite. The show will probably broadcast on the 26th of this month. But watch this space, as this may change due to requirements of next week’s co-host (fingers crossed Jeremy Dyson with a interview from Will Self).

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Leeds Festival – Metric Interview

In case you missed this Saturday’s round up of the Leeds Festival on BCB I will be posting some snippets of some of our interviews on this blog. So keep your eyes peeled and ears open over the next few weeks for interviews with Fightstar, Leathal Bizzel, Funeral For A Friend and many more.  But for today I you can hear me catch up with Jimmy (second from left) from Canadian indie electro outfit Metric.


BCB Radio - Â Jimmy From Metric...