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Guitar stands are well Clapton (Buffet #54)

Hello Hello!

If you tuned in on Sunday – THANKS! If not, but you want to check out some ace music, you can click on the listen again thingy.

This is what we played:

2. LA LUZ – Brainwash
4. PIXIES – Indy Cindy
5. VELVET UNDERGROUND – Satellite of Love
6. ARUN GHOSH – Journey South
7. LOU REED & JOHN CALE – Small Town
8. COURTNEY BARNETT – Avant Gardener
9. SKY LARKIN – Carve It Out
10. JAMES CARR – You Got My Mind Messed Up
11. JUNE TABOR & OYSTERBAND – All Tomorrow’s Parties
12. MOON HOOCH – Megatubes
13. VELVET UNDERGROUND – Here She comes Now
14. BOOKER T & THE MJs – Beatles Medley

Back in December – cheers!

Maria & Jenny Jet

Post- CONSTELLATIONS musings on festivals

I was 15 when I attended my first festival – U2 at Milton Keynes Bowl, with support from The Ramones, REM, Spear of Destiny and Billy Bragg (who performed at pretty much every festival in the mid to late 1980s). Bono was less pompous then, I was in love with Larry Mullen Jnr, and I’d never seen 50,000 people in one space before – it was quite a big deal for little teenage me. I also got hideously sun-burned and learned my first festival lesson – sun-block.

I haven’t been to that many festivals since, as I decided I actually don’t enjoy them that much. I’ll get excited by a line-up, pay a huge sum of money for maybe three or four bands, then feel disappointed because I can’t see a thing, the sound quality is rubbish, and there are too many drunk people invading my personal space. I’ve often come away from a festival saying “(insert band) were great, but I’d love to see them properly…”

Then I had my first All Tomorrow’s Parties experience. No tents. No portaloos. No sun-block. Amazing bands, decent stages and sound quality – a festival that gives you a proper, intimate gig experience for each band you choose to see. And do you know what else I like? Seats. Standing around all day takes it’s toll, and I am officially middle aged, you know.

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The Twilight Sad on The BCB Sessions – woo!


Hope you enjoyed the show. Had lots of fun. Delighted to welcome The Twilight Sad as our band in session for the evening. Big thanks to Albert Freeman for doing the twiddly bits and recording the tunes.

The Twilight Sad at BCB, October 2010

The Twilight Sad at BCB, October 2010

Here’s what I played…

Wed 28 Oct:
Penguin Prison – A funny thing
Ingrid Olava – Warrior Song
Chicken Lips – Kudashuda
The Twilight Sad (BCB Session) – Wrong car
Cloud Control – Meditation song
Gui Boratto – Colours
The Twilight Sad (BCB Session) – And she would darken the memory
Blackgold – Shine (this was the pot luck track! Sounds a bit like Gary Barlow singing… )
Sky Larkin – Year Dot (cracking remix by Minotaur shock. Sky Larkin are playing at ‘Constellations Festival’ in Leeds on Nov 14th)
Shamanix – Blood Drop (Bradford producer who’s got a great ear for catchy mixes: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Shamanix/72786374283?filter=1)
The Twilight Sad (BCB Session) – Cold days from the bird house

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Radio Buffet #14

Bloody Nora, Emma Bob 3 left me with a major earworm when we recorded this show – Starship perforated my brain for a couple of days, and it wasn’t pleasant, as that bass sound is particularly offensive to me. Hope you weren’t left with the same problem.

Plus I would like to apologise for my totally inaccurate description of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, as it’s seven deadly exes, not ex-boyfriends. Huge blunder, sorry.

And soz for running out of time and playing a mere millisecond of Dam Mantle’s Rebong – next month, listeners! But enough of apologies as there was also plenty of aceness! So here’s what we did play…

Theme from Crossroads
Colourmusic – Yes
Nancy Sinatra – These Boots Are Made for Walkin’
Marnie Stern – For Ash
Sky Larkin – Still Windmills
ELO – Mr Blue Sky
Crash and the Boys – I’m So Sad, So Very, Very Sad
Crash and the Boys – We Hate You Please Die
Rufus Thomas – Itch and Scratch
The Crayonettes – Hopscotch
Sailor – Girls Girls Girls
Sweet Baboo – Wish I Was Made Out of Steel
Beck – Ramona
The Selecter – On My Radio
50FootWave – Clara Bow
Starship – We Built This City

NEXT MONTH! Radio Buffet is one year old, plus it’s Emma Bob 3’s birthday, so we are celebrating! Jenny Jet, Little Spads and The Bet Lynch Mob will be joining us in the studio – so flippin exciting! Join us on Saturday 6th November.

We love you.


Looking back…still

While we’re still gazing back over the past decade (just), here’s a reminder of the previous four Christmas Countdowns – our pick of Bradford Beat’s favourite 20 tracks of the year – going back to 2005.

It’s nice to see some bands have become almost regulars – The Lodger, Roger Davies and The Futureheads among those appearing more than once.

But whatever happened to The Old House? Or AFS?

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