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A Midlake ‘special’ on Going North from Nashville, Monday 19th July, 10-11pm.

Midlake - The Courage Of Others

Midlake - The Courage Of Others

On 19th July, the music of Midlake takes centre stage, featuring an interview with Eric Pulido from earlier this year (courtesy of Eclectic Mainline‘s Albert Freeman – thanks, Albert!) and focusing on their recent album, The Courage of Others.

We will also play tracks from Stephanie Dosen, Lift to Experience, Fleet Foxes, Nick Drake, Wolf People & Steeleye Span!

When Selection Box met Kate Walsh / In BBC Trust We Trust

Some considerable time ago on this blog I promised to post the full interview with Brighton-based songstrel Kate Walsh which appeared on Selection Box 110 back in October.  It seems needless to delve too deeply into the who, why and wherefore of Walsh’s career thus far as I’ve already posted three blogs of fairly lengthy detail on these pages (one already linked to at the start of this post, another  here and the final one – a review of her last long player Light & Dark – can be found here), so probably best to press on without retreading old ground.

Kate Walsh, apparently hiding inside a giant string vest

Kate Walsh, apparently hiding inside a giant string vest

Since October, however, Walsh has been busying herself with further live dates across Europe – most recently opening for 1980s sports headband wearing Dire Straiter Mark Knopfler at the Royal Albert Hall – and recording a series of EPs featuring cover versions of some of her favourite songs.  Her website revealed recently that these EPs are set to be compiled into a covers album which will be released in September.

If you want to save the interview as an mp3 for posterity – so you can listen to my dulcet tones on your fancy iGramophone at all times of the day or night; perhaps to excite and inflame your senses with an uncontrollable passion during lonely moments – click on the small arrow at the right hand side of the player below and download the content of your heart and indeed other organs.  Alternatively, just press the big orange button to listen NOW (yes, NOW) as a stream.  You lucky things you.

Patrick Thornton talks to Kate Walsh 19.10.09 by PatrickSelectionBox

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It’s Singles Night on Going North from Nashville! 10-11pm, Monday 5th July

A GNfN singles night, featuring  singles, old & new, from:

Kathryn Williams – White Lines
The Rialto Burns – Radiate
Dawn Landes – I Can’t Meet You ( track 2/ B side, which we prefer to the title track)
Johnny Flynn : Kenticky Pill – Great, catchy tune from a great album (but it’s a shame about the lyrics in the light of recent tragic events in Cumbria)
Port O’ Brien : Leap Year
Jackie Leven : Gothic Road – good Levenesque fare
The Lights : The Low Hundreds – nice introduction to this band
Gaslight Anthem – American Slang
Also included: The Acorn, Fleetfoxes,The Beatles (!) & more…..
Our prog on 19th July will feature edited exerpts from an interview with Eric from Midlake & tracks from their recent album’The Courage of Others’

Scars On 45 Dish On Bradford’s Best Curries

Scars On 45 backstage at The Brudenell Social Club

A couple of months ago I had a chat with half-Bradford, half-Leeds bred indie rockers Scars On 45 before they went off to Texas to play SXSW with their new Chop Shop Records label-mates Fanfarlo and Marina and the Diamonds. Vocalists Danny Bemrose and Aimee Driver had a lot to say about their upcoming album, living the dream and… where to get a good curry in Bradford.

“People always get it wrong… they go to places like Aagrah and Akbar’s and nice places, but you’ve got to go to some proper dives to get a good curry. There’s Sweet Centre… there’s Karachi. Karachi was in The Guardian, it’s been going since 1965! And it’s either chicken and spinach, or chicken and potato… but it’s got to be masala.”

And his bandmate? “Spicy Cottage! Chicken tikka every time!”

Check out for the video interview and for some tunes.

Cope, Arrowsmith & McLaren: Selection Box Shows 128, 129 & 130

After a false start a little while ago, Brigadeer Phillip Agnostin D’Argtanian Tannoy Gargle Pissflap Cope III plonked his posterior into the guest chair for Selection Box 128.  I continually say that I am not going to keep noting the number of the show we’re on, as its something I only mark out for my own probably-autistic filing purposes.  And yet I continue to announce how many of these by-the-seat-of-the-pants produced pillock presented programmes we’re up to now.  Still, worth noting that in around four months we’ll (and that’s very much the royal “we”) be up to 147 shows.  Perhaps I’ll have a snooker-themed special to celebrate.  Chas & Dave have retired now, so that’s them out the window as potential session guests, but no doubt referee Len Ganley knows how to tap a triangle on cue, so that’s a part of the rhythm section sorted.  Actually, he’s probably dead now I think about it.  I do know that Steve Davis is a prog rock aficianado, so perhaps this isn’t as daft an idea as it first seemed.  The only problem I foresee is that personally I find the majority of prog a bit too, well, shit to play on air.

Yours truly (right) and Phil Cope clearly have nothing in common.

Yours truly (right) and Phil Cope clearly have nothing in common.

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Too Much Too Young 10/3/10 (Yeasayer Interview!)

Interviewing Chris from Yeasayer

Fun Show this week, with an interview with Chris from Yeasayer! Joel was away, but me and KC were as present as ever. KC’s Backrow Banter was entertaining as always, although it was a shame that we were back to a 6/10 film.

And the interview was fun to do. It may even get another playing at some point.

See you next week at 6.30pm on Wednesday or 1.00pm on Thursday!

Gaggle – I Hear Flies
Sondre Lerche – Bluish (Animal Collective Cover)
Yeasayer Interview
Yeasayer – Madder Red
KC’s Backrow Banter – Alice in Wonderland (6/10)
Radikal Satan – Prohibido

The Birdman Rallies’ sesh!

Hi folks,

We’ve got The Birdman Rallies in session! Sounds great so really hope you can tune in. Here’s what’s on the playlist for Wed 10th March…

Disco Machine Gun – Under the blow torch
Dum Dum Girls – Jail La La
Stars and Sons – If it’s good for me
The Birdman Rallies (BCB Session) – Interview
The Birdman Rallies (BCB Session) – Lightening
Daedelus – Order of the golden dawn
Rex – My baby left me
Pifco – UK Adults
The Birdman Rallies (BCB Session) – You and I
Pavement – Cut your hair
Maika Makovski – Friends
Fionn Regan – Catacombs
Au revoir simone – Another Likely Story
The Birdman Rallies (BCB Session) – Darkness

Sessions to come over the next month or so from Fionn Regan, Tim and Sam’s Tim and The Sam Band, Peter Von Poehl & The Wick Effect.

If you want to get on t’wireless for a session or to plug a gig then leave me a message or email:

Kitty (Daisy and Lewis AWOL)

The hair could rival the T-Birds

Quiffs to rival the T-Birds

The London lols continue. Not putting on a radio show every week means I have been putting my efforts into interviews and a few other interesting projects (more on that soon). It also means that there are alot of bands kicking around…thus more interviews.

I decided to chase after BCB favorites Kitty Daisy and Lewis at one of there few gigs, I passed the CRB with flying colours, found my way onto the guest list (thanks Andy at Sunday Best) and spent about 4 hours chasing them around. At five to twelve I finally managed to get Kitty to stand still long enough to answer a few questions the results of which can be heard below, I am also spending a little more time editing my interviews so these should be a little more interesting to listen too ….I missed the last tube and had to suffer the night bus for a hour and a half…the things I do for you guys.

Oh there is a swear in the interview…so watch out…


2M2Y – the last 5.30 show

The era of the half past five show has ended, but a new one is about to begin; namely that of the 6.30 show.

Next Week (3rd of March) we are launching with an exciting interview with Beach House (which we are sharing with Albert Freeman’s Eclectic Mainline). And the week after we have one all to ourselves with Chris Keating from Yeasayer.

But before all that, in the last show at our current time we had a typical selection of new tunes from the likes of Strange Boys and Hot Chip.

Singing the News was about The President of America (Barack Obama) meeting an exiled Tibetan spiritual leader (the Dalai Lama).

And KC reviewed precious unfavourably.

So Yeah, See you at half six next Wednesday!

Dizzy Comes Back To Bradford

This week’s programme is another super special Crossroads programme. I recently contacted that great piano player, Diz Watson of Diz and the Doormen fame to a) let him know that his LP BLUECOAT MAN, continues to thrill 27 years after it was made, and b) to ask if he had any new music – and guess what – he has. TONKY HONK, a CD on the Ace label.

I suggested that Diz may like to come into the studio and chat, play some of his music and play some records by people he liked. To my amazement not only did I get a reply, but it arrived on a postcard from Ilkley. Diz was visiting his sister, who lives there and he came into the studio to record the programme – joy of joys. During the interview it transpired that he lived in Bradford as a lad although he was born in South Africa. His music is a “potent gumbo of Barrelhouse, Rhythm and Blues, Rock and Roll and Boogie Woogie”, although if you ask me that doesn’t quite cover it. It’s full of energy and displays a musicianship that is outstanding. He makes it sound so easy but he claims he is still learning – it takes 50 years to be really good at the piano. he said. It is clear he loves this music and this infectious enthusiasm shines through all his stories.

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