BCB Newsletter – May 2018

Young People’s Work

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As part of our Children In Need project, we’ve been working with Belle Vue Girls School over the last six weeks which has been great fun. We’ll be continuing to work with them in the run up to the summer. We’re going to start a project with The Academy at St. James in Allerton in the next school term, and we’re busy with young people on work placement from schools and colleges.

We’re seeing a few more young people coming into the station on a weekly basis and putting shows out in the BCB Xtra slot at 6:30 each day. Tuesdays, after school into the early evening (3pm – 7pm), is a good time to signpost young people to us.

New Volunteer Sessions – Get Involved With BCB

Jonathan welcoming new volunteers

If you know anyone, or you want to find out more about what we do, we’re inviting people to join us on the first Tuesday of every month to find out the opportunities that BCB has to offer.

The date of the next session is Tuesday 12th May 12-1pm.

If you, or somebody you know, is planning to attend the session or you have any questions please email joseph.emmett@bcbradio.co.uk

Featured Programme Of The Month

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Every month, we focus the spotlight on one show we broadcast and tell you more about it. This time we’re giving you more information about When Big Joan Sets Up.

When Big Joan Sets Up goes out every Friday 10-11pm and is hosted by Phil Cope. Taking its name from Captain Beefheart and conducting itself in a Peelite manner, the programme is dedicated to promoting the best new music it feels deserves to be heard.

You can catch up with previous shows T https://www.mixcloud.com/philcope796/stream/

IT updates

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Did you know that the website and all of the IT at the station is maintained by volunteers?

The new workstations are now in place and fit for purpose (many thanks to the efforts of a number of people troubleshooting teething problems!). We’re keeping a couple of old machines around for now, but we’ll be supporting them less and less, and putting our limited resources into the new ones.

We have two external CD drives for the new machines available (as they don’t have one built in) and the editing room is now back in action for people that need to edit with speakers, or for training.

We’re continuing efforts behind the scenes in the racks room to try to make the backend systems more robust, and we hope to be replacing the Studio 1 internet (travel/weather) machine soon.

Contact David Carpenter for more info, or to get involved.

The Museum Project

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BCB is delighted to be partner to an exciting new research project entitled ‘Bradford’s National Museum’. It’s a three-year project working with the National Science and Media Museum and the University of Leeds and is looking at how the NSMM can better connect with Bradford and its communities.

BCB is currently leading on the ‘Open Conversations’ element of the project, talking to people about Bradford and the NSMM to get a range of opinions and experiences. BCB has been asked to be a partner to the project because of our community links and networks, and because of the wide range of volunteers involved with BCB. So be prepared to be taken into a studio and asked a few questions!

BCB Values

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Over the past few months, BCB has been working with it’s volunteers to agree a set of values that define who BCB is and the work it does. Here is the final version of what was agreed:

Equality and fairness

BCB actively includes and reflects Bradford’s diverse communities and those groups and individuals encountering social or economic disadvantage, recognising and reflecting the lived experiences of those diverse groups, and advocating on behalf of the less powerful.

Respect and kindness

Ensuring that we have a culture of respect, that everyone who encounters BCB is welcomed and treated fairly and respectfully, creating a sense of community and showing kindness to each other.

Being bold and courageous

Making sure that we are confident in what we do, not being afraid to ask questions, challenging power and holding people to account – and finding creative ways of doing things that provide alternatives to the mainstream or status quo.

Recognising and celebrating success

Creating a culture where we recognise and reflect the positive contribution that people make both within BCB itself and throughout Bradford and beyond.

Striving for excellence, doing the best we can

Constantly reflecting on what we do and how we do it, having dialogue and listening to each other, making positive changes and working together so that we are able to do our best for BCB and for Bradford.

Jo Kenyon Passes Driving Test

a clown car on a grassy field
The car that Jo passed the test in

BCB would like to extend massive congratulations to Jo Kenyon, who many of you know as JoJo, who has just passed her driving text! Congratulations Jo and well done!

BCB Get Together – Tuesday 26th June

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Following on from the success of our previous volunteer meetups, the next one will be held on Tuesday 26th June at 6pm

The get togther will be held at BCB and all who attend are welcome to come for a curry afterwards!

BCB Cycle Group

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We’re looking to start a Bicycle User Group (BUG).

This is a chance for anyone interested in the needs of people who want to cycle to and from BCB, or as part of their work at BCB to have a voice.

Contact David Carpenter if you are interested.

World Refugee Day – 20th June

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BCB will be celebrating World Refugee Day with a day of refugee-focused broadcasting.

We will be hearing from the many volunteers and organisations across the Bradford District that support refugees, as well as the stories of those people who have come to our city seeking asylum, either recently or many years ago. If you’d like to be part of this broadcast, please contact Mary or Julie.

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