..and we’re back!

We bodged up a fix for the internet broadcast stream over the weekend. Thanks to everyone who helped, especially the Community Media Association and their excellent documentation.  It wasn’t quite sticky tape and plasters, but not far off.

On the Air

It was great to hear long term volunteer Banaris Iqbal back on the air over the weekend (7pm Sunday). Jonathan helped set him up on Backpack Studio, and ‘boom’!

We also had pre-recorded shows from lots of other presenters, so well done everyone. Most of Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday should be available to Listen Again

More Broadcast Tech

Mixxx is a free software application that acts a lot like Myriad – it has a number of decks/carts that can be filled with carts and fired off at will. It can also record your microphone, and will ‘duck’ the background music as you speak over it. While it looks very different and is aimed at DJs, it can work well for Radio presenting. Here’s a useful introduction: Broadcast on your Radio with Mixxx

We still don’t have great solutions for recording phone interviews, but fyi, David is experimenting with Android-Call-Recorder – https://f-droid.org/en/packages/com.github.axet.callrecorder/ (Contact him for help!)


We’re still settling into our new roles and getting used to the new technology that we need to organise ourselves remotely, but we had our weekly team meeting today – ‘just like normal’ – well…

This week the schedule looks pretty much under control, and we’re continuing to try to reach out to people to help them broadcast.

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